SAINT VALENTINE – Animals sold for Valentine's Day. The garden board Gamm Vert has made the association "30 million friends" angry with a special offer for 14 February.

Reduction of 30% on the male for each purchase of a female fish, bird or rodent of the same species. This is what a Gamm Vert store offers, according to "30 million friends" in the city of Beaurains in Pas-de-Calais.

Hey @Gammvert_off. your #animalerie de Beaurains (62) promotes # ÊtresVivantsEtSensiblesDo not you mind? 😡 By encouraging more to buy men + women of the same species … Every day we rescue, animal protection organizations, leaving NACs❗️

– 30 million friends (@ 30millionsdamis) 9 February 2019

On Twitter the gardening stitches were dismantled on Saturday, February 9 by the association, in particular weakened by the principle of a promotion on "living and sensitive". But animal advocates also denounced incentives to buy an animal that was not necessarily sought, and emphasized the frequent cessation of new pets.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, February 12, Gamm vert's teams contacted Le HuffPost to give their answer to those who questioned the gardening sign: "Some of you ask us about a deplorable promotional initiative at the Gamm Vert store in Beaurains This isolated initiative, which has since been discontinued, does not reflect the ethical code we hold and which promotes respect for the lives of animals and people, health and well-being and we apologize for this isolated incident. "

Every year, and especially in the run-up to the summer, associations such as "30 million friends" multiply awareness campaigns against abandonment. And every year, according to the associations, about 100,000 animals are left in France.

Asked by "30 million friends" and also annoyed by several netizens, Gamm Green did not respond in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday.

While the SPA encourages the adoption of abandoned animals with the #StValentinDesAnimaux , @Gammvert_off makes promos & encourages his customers to adopt a few animals as if they were vulgar objects …

Some are really ready for everything for business!

– Anne-Sophie Frigout (@asfrigout) 9 February 2019

@Gammvert_off to make #promotion on #golfclubssale is just immoral and shameful. Strongly a law in France for #interdire the #animaleries. In the meantime, I boycott your brand and I encourage others to do the same.

– laurence volbart (@laurencevolbart) 9 February 2019

They cut in the same way as the desperate textile looms

– Fulani (@zhvamin) 9 February 2019

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