Houston, Texas –

The police say that someone who went to an empty house in Texas to smoke marijuana eventually discovered an abandoned tiger.

The main offenders from the police department of the Houston Department, Livestock Cruelty Unit, came on the spot and found a 350-pound tiger.

Officials said that the cage that surrounded the animal was not as big or strong enough for such a person of that size.

While the house was abandoned, several packets of meat were found in the animal.

"A worried citizen named 311," said Houston sergeant Sergeant Alderete. "They were trying to get into this house to smoke marijuana, we asked them if they were under the effects of the drugs or they saw a tiger, they saw a tiger in this building, this empty house, which has clearly been abandoned. time."

After they received an order, they found the female tiger in deplorable conditions.

She was friendly, they said, but she was reassured for safety reasons when they brought her from home to BARC's headquarters.

"We have made arrangements to transfer the tiger to another facility that is licensed to treat exotic pets," says Heidi Krahn, director of the Center for Animal Research & Education. "Finding a house forever for a tiger is not easy."

She said the center is currently taking care of six exotic animals for more than $ 1 million.

"I have tried to explain to people that it is very similar to a child," she said. & # 39; If you have a child, you have insurance, but these boys do not have insurance.

She has seen cases in which some tigers have been smuggled in from Mexico and said that unfortunately there are small amounts of breeding facilities throughout the country. She says it is never a good idea to keep someone as a pet.

"They are actually a loaded gun aimed at everyone who comes across them," she said. "They can be extremely dangerous."

At this moment it is unclear which charges, if any, the owner can face because it is under investigation.

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