Before the traditional Valentine's Day the Animal Protection (SPA) launches the Valentine's Day of the animals, the weekend of 9 and 10 February. Dogs, cats, rabbits … During two days the association hopes to be able to adopt 4000 animals, they eventually find great love.

Because in France the number of dropouts is still high, and the 62 shelters of the SPA landing. Last summer was a disaster: we do not know what to do with Bamboo during the holidays that we leave it; we had not thought about the limitations, we dropped Fripouille …

In fact, it is usually cats that are abandoned, more than dogs elsewhere. And the SPA collects 44,000 animals a year. Of these, 38,000 are eventually adopted, but since euthanasia is forbidden in shelters, the remains remain as boarders and the elderly are placed in foster families. They are people they love, but all health and food costs are covered by the SPA.

Animal agents to help you

If you want to adopt, then know that in every shelter there are animal caretakers who will advise you on the type of animal, breed, depending on your lifestyle, if you have children, if you go often … they show a lot of psychology these agents because only 7% of the animals adopted in the SPA are reported.

The love story works for everyone else. To adopt, there are fees: 250 euros for a dog, 150 for a cat to finance the identification chip, vaccines … And next weekend there will not only be dogs and cats elsewhere. You will also find among the 4,000 animals that you have to adopt donkeys, rabbits, rats and mice.

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