An order came into force on Monday, February 11 in Feuquières and aims to amaze the owners of dog marketers. An administrative decision that is not unanimous.

It is not good to be a dog lover in Feuquières! In this Oise village of 1,500 inhabitants, the nineteenth elected city council voted on Tuesday, February 5 with an order to put an end to nuisance barking. according to The world, it aims to verbalize the owners of barking dogs. A decision that follows a petition from residents of the village against an owner of six to seven dogs. Tired of the noise, Feuquièrois called the mayor about this inconvenience, but a warning to stop the nuisance was not enough to solve the problem of the neighborhood.

Faced with a situation that is considered a "calvary", the city decided to take an administrative decision. "In a rural municipality there is no municipal police to intervene and the gendarmes have something else to do, so because it is months ago and the reconciliation attempts have failed, the decision will take effect from Monday 11 February," said the World Mayor Jean. -Pierre Estienne. In practice, the dog owner's decree prohibits them from leaving their animals in their pens without being able to stop their long or repeated barking at any time.

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In case of non-compliance with this order dog owners risk a fine of the third category in case of a complaint, or 68 euros. "This decree does not prohibit dogs from barking, but it requires dog owners to ensure that when they bark, they do not disturb the environment," the mayor said.Oise Hebdo. Her administrative decision to ensure the tranquility of her citizens does not yet attract everyone's support. Stéphane Lamart, from the association "For the defense of animal rights", is outraged by this decree and even wants to ban it before the administrative court.

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"So & # 39; n decree is ridiculous and unacceptable" according to "In defense of animal rights"

"To bring the owners a few minutes under the pretext that their dog barks, do not exaggerate: a city without animals is a dead city!", Insured the association with the Courrier Picard for whom "such a decree is ridiculous and unacceptable". Regarding the "solution" of the electric collar proposed by the Mayor of Feuquières, Stéphane Lamart ironically suggests that "the mayor tests it himself and as soon as he tries to speak, he will see if it is effective". The president of "For the defense of animals" says "yes" to dog training, but not to the electric collar that must be permanently banned for sale in our country ".