Ah, the first blush of love, so perfect and blissful … until things go bad and you want to give your ex to a bunch of wild animals.

Good news. You can do that without jeopardizing the prison time or harming a hair of their undeserved heads.

Several zoos and rescue groups for wildlife offer revenge per proxy. For small donations, in some cases, you can have your ex symbolically fed to wild animals or have a snake carry their name forever.

The zoo of El Paso in Texas offered to call a cockroach to your ex and then fed the former object of your desires on meerkats on Valentine's Day.

"If you find one that keeps circulating in circles and comes back to the same place, a bit like a stalker, then I want my ex", asked a vengeful Valentine.

The program, called Quit Bugging Me, was so popular that the zoo had no more cockroaches, but you can still read the names of the victims and see how an image is devoured on the meercat-cam of the zoo.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Sydney, Australia, elevated the ante with a contest to name one of the more deadly snakes in the world after one of the most miserable excuses for a partner. Yes, maybe you're unlucky in love, but you might be lucky in the game of Valentine's revenge.

Join the contest and donate $ 1 to the zoo's conservation fund, which is dedicated and faithful, unlike some exes, to protect native Australian flora and fauna through research and educational programs. You have 25 words or less to explain why your ex deserves credit.

Deadline for the chance of having a poisonous brown snake named after your low-down reptile of an ex is 16.59 hours. California time, February 12.

If snakes and cockroaches are not your thing, how about salmon and huge bears? The Wildlife Images rehabilitation center in Grants Pass, Oregon, will symbolically throw your ex to his 1000-pound bears, Kodi and Yak. All that is needed is a donation of $ 20, and no shortage of fish.

The rehabilitation center for animals will write the name of your ex on the salmon before it is fed to the bears, and in return you will receive a certificate and a photo. The program is called Catch and Release, but the center recognizes that not all love goes wrong. The staff can also feed a salmon lovingly to the bears in its A Great Catch program.

Anyway, a salmon will be eaten.

If your ex has more in common with a worm, the Richmond Wildcare Center in Richmond, Virginia can help. For a donation of $ 2, the organization will name a meal or worm to your ex and give it to one of the animals it cares about. For $ 5 you can name a hornworm after your horned demon from an ex-Valentine. And you can view it all on the group's Facebook page.

Who says that break-ups can not be fun?

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