Authorities in northwestern Georgia found dozens of neglected animals on Thursday in & # 39; terrible conditions & # 39; lived in a house just a few hours before the owner of that house committed suicide.

In the midst of an investigation into reports of animal cruelty involving a company in Tennessee, Dalton Police ordered a search warrant at a house in the 800-block off Mattie Street, spokesman Bruce Frazier said in a statement.

They found 16 dogs, two baby goats, two turtles and a snake in the residence, and nine ducks in the backyard. They also found a dead turtle and several dead snakes, Frazier said.

All animals were malnourished and lived in deplorable conditions. Many of the dogs were covered with their own waste, according to the statement.

The Whitfield County Animal Shelter worked with rescue groups to find homes for the animals.

DPD on Thursday afternoon issued a search warrant that led to the rescue of dozens of neglected animals. These animals are all placed with shelters or houses thanks to the help of the Whitfield County Animal Shelter. For more information: https: //

– Dalton Police (@DaltonPD) February 8, 2019

The investigation began on Sunday when the Dalton police spoke with a woman from Atlanta who said she agreed to meet Stephen Kinder, 42, for her German dog, which she had picked up at Cleveland's training company in Cleveland, Tennessee. , to be collected for seven weeks.

Abigail Eastburn told the police that the dog had lost 30 pounds, vomited and had diarrhea.

"He grew up in a good, loving home," said Eastburn Channel 2 Action News. "He is just … completely different."

The Dalton police referred the case to Bradley County authorities in Tennessee, leading to the arrest of Kinder Monday at four points of animal cruelty.

Abigail Eastburn told police her dog had lost 30 pounds and vomited.
(Channel 2 Action News)

That is when the Dalton police received information that some of the animals from that company were housed in Mattie Street's home, Frazier said.

On Thursday morning, the researchers were approached by the Bradley County sheriff's office, saying that one of Kinder's friends had contacted them and said he was committing suicide.

Stephen Kinder was arrested on Monday.

Dalton police then contacted Kinder by phone shortly after noon. He told them that he was doing well and was on his way to Whitfield County and would meet them at home, according to the statement.

Bradley County authorities called again a little more than an hour later and said that Kinder was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Frazier said. He was in the parking lot of an American legion in Cleveland, according to the Cleveland Daily Banner.

No costs have been submitted in Dalton at the moment, but the research continues.

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