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Opioid requirements for raising pets, as a reflection of the human crisis

Many more Americans may receive opioids for their pets and veterinarians seem to prescribe increasingly powerful versions of these drugs to animals, a small study suggests. The researchers examined data on opioid tablets and patches dispensed or prescribed by 134 veterinarians in an academic hospital with small animals in Philadelphia from 2007 to 2017. During the decade, the amount of opioids used for creatures such as rabbits, birds and reptiles increased by 41 percent. although visits to the hospital increased by only 13 percent.

Treating the sleep apnea of ​​children can keep them safer on the streets

Children with obstructive sleep apnea during the day may be at less risk of accidents with oncoming traffic if they use positive airway pressure or PAP therapy at night, a new study suggests. It is important that children consistently stick to the PAP treatment plan, so that it makes a difference, the authors of the study report in the journal Sleep Health.

Pfizer Japan remembers medications with high blood pressure over carcinogenic impurities

The Japanese subsidiary of Pfizer Inc recalls a high blood pressure medicine that was found to contain a carcinogen in its active ingredient valsartan, the medicine man said on Friday. More than 763,000 tablets of the drug Amvalo, manufactured from April to July in Mylan Laboratories Limited in India, are the subject of recall, Pfizer Japan Inc said in a statement, adding that there were no reports of any damage to health.

Seven cases of cases confirmed in the ICE detention facility in Houston

Seven adult detainees at an American detention center for immigration and customs in Houston have diagnosed the mumps, but the infectious disease is present, the health department said on Saturday. "Because these individuals were isolated during the period that they were infectious, we do not expect these cases to pose a threat to the community," Dr. David Persse, the local health authority of Houston and medical director for emergency services, in a statement. ICE & # 39; s Houston Contract Detention Facility accommodates approximately 950-1,000 adults.