Save the animals! is a new animated book, for curious young people, from the Kididoc collection. A playful documentary, editions Nathan, published in October 2018, which invites young readers to manipulate animations to discover the threatened animals, to save.

On the cover, children will already be able to activate a wheel to discover surprising and interesting questions. After a kidiquiz and a brief introduction that raises questions, the questions will finally find answers in the different double pages to follow. It is by a world map that begins this discovery of what threatens some animals all around the world.

Nature, full of riches, is threatened by the activities of man. Indeed, there is, for example, the leatherback turtle who confuses jellyfish, which she likes very much, with plastic bags, with which she chokes. And other animals disappear because of human activities, their disappearance is 100 to 1000 times faster!

On each double page, young readers will discover missing animals, endangered and endangered animals, spaces and nature to protect from various dangers and threats. It is first and foremost in the world that this sad discovery begins, to then discover what is around the house, the animals that have disappeared, the animals threatened across the world, before knowing how to act. , to try to preserve the planet and save the animals. Animations of all kinds, are to operate, throughout this discovery, with windows, flaps, wheels, shutters, zippers … The drawing is simple, pleasant and effective, offering a colorful universe.

Save the animals! is a Kididoc documentary, adapted to young readers, an animated book, which also offers to discover the animals that are threatened, the animals that have disappeared, the environments where these animals live, and the actions taken to try to save them.