Aggressive and dangerous dogs on the run at Jupiter Farms. Tito and Bella. (Care and control of animals)

JUPITER, Florida (CBS12) –

Two aggressive and dangerous dogs were caught in Riverbend Park, Animal Care & Control said Wednesday.

Animal control officers in Palm Beach County captured the two captured dogs after attacking people and pets.

CBS12 News has learned that they will be dismissed.

The dogs were caught after leaving their home at Jupiter Farms.

The animal control officers knew that they had to act quickly because the American bulldogs had already attacked other animals.

The agency issued a warning on Facebook late Tuesday night and then Wednesday morning that a person visiting this park had sighted the dogs and had called the agency.

"They told me that there were two wild dogs in the lead somewhere and that we had to be careful," said Christopher McKnight.

On Wednesday morning, McKnight chose to take a different route for his six-mile run.

"Personally, I went straight and I ran and I stayed on the right," he said. "I did not go through that part of the park."

This happened after visitors to Riverbend Park saw two American bulldogs in pursuit of a deer and a turkey.

"My first thought when I was running on the road was I hope they will not kill a deer," McKnight said.

Before the animal control officers, Tito and Bella, captured the dogs, they attacked two people and two dogs in two different locations of Jupiter Farms, right next to the place of their escape.

Captain David Walesky, Animal Control and Surveillance Officer in Palm Beach County, told CBS12 News how the dogs would have come out of the closed yard.

"They said that a package had been delivered and that the door had been left unsecured," Walesky said.

A sign on the gate in front of the house indicates a dangerous dog, because Animal Care and Control told Tito that several cats had been killed in 2017.

Bella was described as aggressive because she killed a cat.

"When you own a dangerous dog, the law requires you to prevent it from ending up in such a situation," said Walesky. "It is forbidden to leave your house unless you are on a leash with a muzzle, and that clearly has not happened," said Walesky.

People like McKnight, who could have been hurt, are happy that the search ended without further injury.

"A dog can give you a boost and especially if you run two or three miles and you start bleeding profusely, you have to go back to the parking lot. So it's very serious, "he said.

Animal Care and Control has stated that the owner has been cited for violating the State's Dangerous Dogs Act and may face criminal prosecution.

As for the dogs, they will be euthanized now that the owner has returned them.