The "Animal Show", which opens its doors in Paris this weekend, offers innovative, luxurious and unusual products for pets (AFP / Archives / Raul Arboleda)

Felt cocoon for cat, deer chew bone or cheese treat for dogs: the "Animal Show" show that opens in Paris this weekend offers innovative, luxurious and unusual products for pets.

One in two French has at least one pet. "The pet market is 4.8 billion, all animals combined," told AFP Rene Michau, president of the Trade Union of trades and services of the pet (Prodaf).

"Today, dogs and cats are full family members," he says. And nothing is good enough, nor good enough for them.

For kitty comfort, "nothing better" than a 100% wool felt mattress. "The circular shape of the cocoon allows the natural heat of the animal to diffuse itself inside and thus to increase the temperature", explains Sophie Sharma, responsible for the creation of this soft nest made in Nepal, sold 65 euros.

Toutou, him, should feast with a chew bone antler, from the natural moult wild deer.

"The dog chews it to find the dried marrow, it's a natural descaler for his teeth and the chewing is very long," says Fanny Raepsaet, who markets this product and other treats to eat 100% natural tree roots for dogs, rodents and birds.

Also for the hygiene of dogs' teeth, Robert Huygh came to present him cheesecake sticks, "guaranteed gluten-free, high in protein and calcium", produced in Belgium from a traditional recipe Himalayan. "In the United States, dogs are crazy about it," he says. He hopes it will be the same in France.

Véronique Laure and Béatrice de Courson have launched a range of dog collars, a high-end product with an ethical dimension.

"All the pieces are handmade by women in Mexico," says Véronique Laure who sells them between 15 and 70 euros.

For those who want to walk with their dog or their cat like a kangaroo mom, Soffiane Saidi offers a sweet inspired Japanese models.

"In Japan, you walk in the street with your dog on you or in a stroller," he says hoping to conquer the European market with this unusual dress.

Visitors to this show, which is celebrating its 4th edition and is expecting around 45,000 visitors, will also be able to buy a dog or a purebred cat.

"We do not buy an animal like in the old days on a whim … In pet stores, professionals are there to advise customers for a responsible purchase," says René Michau.

Today in France, the dog population is approximately 7.5 million and that of cats nearly 13 million.

According to him, the population of cats continues its progression, that of the dogs falls very slightly. Small populations emerge like the ornamental barnyard. Rodents and birds stagnate.