Tons of animals is a book-game editions Larousse, published in October 2018, which proposes to play while discovering amazing anecdotes about the presented animals. The young readers curious will discover amazing and amusing illustrations, while learning full about these various and funny creatures.

It is with an astonishing double page that begins the book-game which houses 13 blue whales, 60 crocodiles, 221 creatures of the abyss, 476 frogs, 28 cows, 177 makis cattas, 354 cute kittens, 109 flamingos, 1197 small animals and 183 penguins. An introduction, which talks about tons, invites young readers to go through the book, without weighing things impossible to weigh, and playing with words.

It is with blue whales that the discovery and the game begin, explaining that a ton is not enough to make a blue whale, because even his tongue weighs three times more. Besides, no scale could weigh this cetacean, which is the largest animal in the world. In a box, other information is to discover, for the most curious, while another box invites the young readers to look for what is hiding in the water!

On each double page, children will discover an animal, or rather a ton! Unusual information is to read, to know a little more these incredible animals and nature. The album is playful and documented, with these incredible anecdotes that will surprise children and entertain them. In addition, a game of observation is proposed to young readers who will play and laugh at little amusing details to find on these funny creatures. The text is simple, with funny word games that will entertain children. The drawing is very bright and colorful, with crisp details, which will be very entertaining for the children. All solutions are to be found at the end of the book-game.

Tons of animals is a very fun book-game that invites young readers to discover a thousand incredible infos on the presented animals and especially to play with the detailed illustrations, through a funny and fabulous observation game.