The post drew a lot of ridicule on Donald Trump's eldest son.

Donald Trump Jr. may want to recheck the dates before the next time he tries to share news that will stimulate his father.

Wednesday, the eldest son of President Donald Trump taken to Twitter share a positive report on Ford's announcement of the cancellation of a $ 1.6 billion plant in Mexico and the transfer of 700 jobs to Michigan. The story was meant to show the strength of the economy under his father's presidency, but there was a problem: the move took place while Barack Obama was still in power.

Dated January 4, 2017, the story and the ad on which he relied returned two weeks before Trump was sworn in and became president.

The tweet became viral online, drawing negative feedback from Trump Jr. for his unsuccessful attempt to boost his father's economic credit. Others pointed out that the story itself underscored the tenuous connection with Trump's victory in the 2016 presidential election. Ford CEO Mark Fields called the decision a "vote of confidence" towards Trump, he said the real reasons for this decision had nothing to do with Trump's candidacy or his presidency, but rather it was a reaction to the decline of North America. small cars like those manufactured at the Mexican factory.

"[Fields] Ford would have made the same decision even if Trump had not been elected, "said the president. report it's noted.

Some of those who responded to the publication on Twitter said that it seemed like Trump Jr. was eager to announce good news for his father after a series of brutal weeks in which Trump spoke at the bottom of the news. 'public opinion. A series of opinion polls showed that the majority of Americans blamed Trump for being responsible for closing his application for border funding and that only about a third of Americans shared Trump's view that a wall was necessary.

Ford Cancels $ 1.6 Billion Mexican Plant and Creates 700 Jobs in Michigan

– Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 9, 2019

Donald Trump Jr.'s controversy over Twitter did not last long before it sparked new criticism on another social media platform. Later that day, he had more problems sharing a message on Instagram that compared the wall on the US-Mexico border to a zoo wall holding the animals. As United States today Noted, Trump Jr. had already had problems with some controversial immigration metaphors, with a 2016 article comparing Syrian immigrants to a bowl of poisoned bowling games. The post has provoked such a reaction that even the company that manufactures Skittles has opposed it.