In the realm of the miniature tractor!, General News

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The image is striking. When one arrives at Chantelle's road to Bellenaves, time seems to have stopped. Establishments Badoche-Racca, concessionaire whose reputation is well established in the agricultural sector, give off something eternal; here is an old-fashioned store as there are still very few in France. With its soft fruit candies at the reception of the workshop.

With this familiar behind-the-scenes staff: Guy spare parts, Philippe – storekeeper for more than thirty years, Joëlle and Marie-Line in the account, Glurer, Jacques, André or Martial after-sales service and Olivier, "the Racca's son 'on sale of quads.

And finally, with Anne-Marie, 73 years old … the dean of this institution who would not be what she is without her. For good reason, she has the eye everywhere, on all the customers who enter the store (whatever the entrance), on all the belts in summer (she has an elephant memory), and on all her stock of agricultural toys she knows on the fingertips, with astounding precision. "I've always had a photo-graphic memory," she says.

Anne-Marie Racca, nee Badoche, spent all her life between the mechanics of the family concession and the agricultural equipment. " I live just nextdoor. It allows me to be there every day or at least as often as possible. " Every day that God does, she therefore cultivates this old-fashioned trade, that of availability and demand. Anne-Marie, we love her or we leave her. Because it is a sacred character, imposing by his charisma, endearing, probably annoying sometimes. For her, trade is "giving and giving": faithful, it is and always has been. "We open our doors even on holidays if necessary and as often as possible during the great moments of the agricultural year, especially the harvest". So she too demands the same loyalty from her clients. Her strong character and high standards are the trademark of this company that she has been running since 1984 with her husband, Daniel, whom she must have met there when he entered the workshop. In a world as competitive as the sale of agricultural equipment, the seriousness of the establishments born in 1920, when his grandfather was launching the first sales of Ford tractors, made it possible to establish the reputation and the trade in parallel of the agricultural revolution. "But the context is increasingly difficult," nuance Anne-Marie Racca. "The size of the structure no longer makes it possible to invest in new technologies. Whenever possible, each employee is trained in his specialization ". To continue the adventure, the company favors the service and multiplies the diversifications. In 1990, she took the niche of "parks and gardens". In 2002, Olivier Racca took over the sale of quads via the Polaris brand.

"We took advantage of the success of agricultural toys to make sales, initially on a few shelves. It worked so well that we dedicated a store specifically for toys ". Although competing with the internet for a few years, Badoche-Racca makes the difference by offering a wide range of products concentrated in a catalog produced each year by Joëlle and Marie-Line, again a tailor-made service. Collectors from all over France come to find the best models. No chauvinists, the New Holland brand specialists sell toys of all brands and in different scales: Bruder, Wiking, Siku, Ertl, Ros, Uh, Britains, etc. "We have everything, even miniature tractors from the 1920s". There will also be Rolly toys, stuffed toys, books and DVDs, remote controlled toys and toys for the farm, animals, buildings and all the material: silage bags, corn, wrapped round bales, round boots. The store will be open even on Sundays until December 23rd from 9am to 6pm.