How to keep your dog from digging up your flower beds

The two main reasons dogs dig are that your dog may be too hot or too cold. When your dog digs a hole and lies down, his temperature can self-regulate. Unlike humans, dogs can’t take off their clothes or add layers, so they have to find other ways to relieve themselves from the weather.

Dogs also dig because they are bored. Dogs can become bored and restless when their owner is away for a long period. A dog that is left alone will find ways to entertain itself. Unfortunately, it may involve digging!

To prevent dogs from digging, you need to redirect their behavior to other activities. Sometimes, all you need to do is provide a safe digging area where there will be no repercussions. Some breeds of dogs are inherently prone to digging. Therefore, it will take extra patience to keep certain breeds from digging.

The following tips should help you prevent dogs from digging in your yard

Put an unpleasant “treat” in the hole your dog digs. Often dogs will dig for a while, then leave the hole for a while, and come back later to continue their digging activity. Once your dog has left the hole, you need to place the “surprise” in the hole. For example, you can spray water with bitter apple, available at pet stores.

Another way to discourage your dog from digging is to put yard waste in the holes. Dogs prefer to dig in “clean” soil. You should put mulch, sticks, dead plant material, and rocks in the hole and cover it lightly with soil. When your dog starts digging again and discovers these unwanted items in the hole, he will likely stop digging. If you find that this doesn’t work, try filling the hole and spraying it with bitter apple. Most dogs will stop digging there because they don’t like the smell.

Give your dog his place where he is free to dig without fear of punishment. Digging comes naturally to dogs. Teaching your dog to dig only in this area may take time, but it can be done. One way to keep dogs from digging up your flowers is to provide an area in the garden where they can dig as much as they want. You can use a sandbox or fence off an area of your garden that has not been landscaped. To teach your dog that they can dig in a specific area, you need to bury treats in a place where they can easily find them. If you’ve already scolded him for digging, you may need to give him more encouragement. He’ll be thrilled when he finds out he’s allowed to dig there.

Once your dog has found his place to dig, you’ll need to keep him interested. Every once in a while, you should bury a toy or snack as a surprise. Dogs get tired of digging the same patch of ground and may find another area of your yard more exciting. Periodically replace the soil or sand in your dog’s designated digging area. Dogs prefer fresh soil to hard soil. There will also be times when your dog will prefer your flower bed to his digging spot. Spray your flower borders with animal essence, which hunters use to tempt animals. The smell of other animals may discourage your dog from digging.

These tips will help you keep dogs from digging in places other than the ones you’ve assigned to them. Dogs are not mean when they dig under your fence, as this is an instinctive behavior for them.

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