Horse Stops Woman From Taking Her Own Life | The Dodo

Horse Stops Woman From Taking Her Own Life | This woman was about to take her own life — when a very special horse showed her how much she was still loved. To help support the animals at Lemon Ranch @LemonRanchAnimals, you can donate to: You can also follow them on Facebook to learn more about their work:

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23 thoughts on “Horse Stops Woman From Taking Her Own Life | The Dodo

  1. Jean Abels

    I'm sorry but I would NEVER leave my animals. I love them too much and can't imagine me without them, and the other way around. If you really have such a great bond with your animals, you won't leave them behind. My opinion.

  2. Hannah McDonald

    Her: i want other people to experiance this.
    Me: you want other people to gete stressed try and commit suicide and then yhere horse saves them….. Most people whi commit suicide dont have a horse!

  3. Elizabeth Mendonca

    I am crying. This is so sweet and I own a horse and she has saved me before. Once I fell off her and I could have been seriously ingured if it wasn't for her. She saw I fell and she tried picking me up and starting calling over to get people to see. And she saved me. She is still alive but very old and I am worried about her. Heros can be anything.

  4. Lady bop

    Such wonderful storiy. All the animals are so sweet. May God bless you all. Wish there were more people like in this video, that carry love in their soul. Your love still carries on Cider. Smart and an amazing horse. God has many ways of speaking to us.


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