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Kris Taylor is a San Diego based dog trainer, he also breeds German Shepherd dogs. In his fifteen years of breeding and training GSD he believes that raw food diet, gives his dogs vitality and longevity.


  1. Anthony Sosa

    STOP BREEDING THEM my brother had a Working line GSD who he gave to me because he had to go to a college far away and he was perfect lived to 16 years old. When he died 3 years ago I was destroyed but I fell in love with the breed si I go to a breeder and what I see is there back legs so Damn short and back slanted makes me sad.

  2. Jeffrey Wilson

    Still there’s no hard good quality data showing a difference in outcomes. If someone has any data (besides low quality BS anecdotal evidence) i will gladly take a look.

  3. Marii

    Wowww the coats on those dogs are absolutely stunning and shining… makes me really want to switch to raw feeding for my own dogs

  4. Me Myself And I

    Ive noticed all these dog videos in USA, have one thing in common. The people put so much time, money and effort to train these dogs to attack someone incase they are in trouble. However, the reality is if all the American dog owners feel that unsafe and paranoid about intruders or being attacked on the streets then whats the point in living life. If it is that bad, you might as well cease to exist or leave ur country if you feel that unsafe. I live in england, we have rich multi millionaires here to that have dogs such as german shepards, rottweilers etc. However, it is very very rare that someone in England would put this much essence in training dogs like this. I get the feeling American citizens feel really insecure in their own country. In england the crime is very low compared to America and it is very rare to come across a gun in England. But these Americans if they are that paranoid get a bloody gun for protection. Simple.

  5. Rbuffdogs

    Hi Kris. This bitch is raw fed. We own her. My Husband has been in the breed since 1967, myself since 1975. Old guys, lol, but we love the breed. We have been feeding raw for over 10 years, it is great to be sure! I love that you used a very correct bitch to use as "ligament issues". Odd, but , okay…We don't pretend she is a working line dog, anymore than your pretend your dogs will finish in the AKC ring. To each his own. All good, and there is room for everyone . BTW She finished her Championship, in 6 weeks, undefeated. Her hocks are short, feet tight, pasterns correct, surgically clean coming and going. Also note she lands on her feet, which can be a problem in showlines both US and European, to be sure. Length of hock, I would say she is spot on. Agree with you absolutely on the raw diet, none better. I recommend it to everyone. However would love to know where you got the video, were you there?/ Did you take the video of the class? If not would you direct us to who did, love to have a copy. Have a great night, Cheers.

  6. Carlos Nava

    Interesting! Just started raw diet on all my dogs. My Shepard has allergies and has a bad temperament . Will monitor her daily to see how she changes as we continue with raw.

  7. Dylan Knutson

    > high quality kibbles are just different grades of fast foods

    Okay really? I love the GSD breed, I love this channel, and I get the pros and cons that go along with raw, but feeding your dog something like Orijen or Acana is far different than a human eating in-n-out burger every day. This guy is way too deep in the raw feeding/anti kibble cult.

    Oh, he sells raw food. That makes sense now.

    Anyways, I'm disappointed in this video, because I was hoping to see a great Dogumentary TV episode on the GSD, but instead we got 5 minutes of GSD and 17 minutes of a raw food diet ad :/

  8. wuerzelburg

    If you have dogs in farm, is there any kind of danger that the raw diet (chicken, lamb, pork etc) will make the dog dangerous for the other farm animals (sheep, chickens etc) because of the acquired taste?

  9. Beatriz Alves

    i did want to change my dogs diet into raw but i'm in the learning process could someone please tell me how i make the change from kibble to raw and what's important to include in the raw meal ? thank you

  10. John O'Donnell

    Big advocate of the raw diet, had a German Shepherd/Rottweiler cross with dietary issues and never once thought about raw feeding at the time. That dog has now passed and we have a new dog, Lhasa apso which after much research is fed completely raw. No health issues, minimal toilet, very little weeping issues from eyes(these dogs eyes are usually very weepy), no bad breath, no gas, wonderful coat, clean teeth and absolutely no negative issues. Would love another shepherd of some sort and it would 100% raw fed without a doubt.

  11. ActiveAnimals

    Avoiding preservatives in food is obviously a good choice, but I also see a bit of misinformation here. We may not have selectively bred dogs to have a different digestive system since the invention of breeds, but 30 000 years of selective pressures have certainly left their mark on the domestic dog, the first species to evolve for the ecological niche of leeching off human success.
    I've also noticed that raw feeding is a lot more popular among "tough dog types" than any other dog community, and I can't help but think that at least a part of it is because a lot of these people are set on believing that they have managed to tame wolves, rather than admitting that their pets are just as much of a dog, as any toy poodle is.
    Don't get me wrong, I have no doubts that controlling the individual ingredients of a dog's food is healthier than giving them processed and stale dry food. I just disagree with the reasons that are given for it.

  12. Johanna Sarkar

    I feed my pup raw food, a premade barf-diet. He didn’t like the kibbles he got from the breeder, he ate it but not enough. Some days only half of his daily portions. Switched to barf and he loooooves it! Will never switch back, best decision ever

  13. DWC

    All dogs should be on a raw diet. That’s why plenty of dogs have issues with food now because humans have changed their diet too much. It’s dumb. Raw food is always better for them

  14. wuerzelburg

    Maybe (just may be) raw is better than kibbles. But isn't there a great danger from parasitic diseases, like toxoplasmosis, and the spread of dangerous bacteria like e coli from their stools , mouth and tongues while touching everything in a home?
    There are kibbles and kibbles in the market. They shouldn't be vilified altogether. The referred life spans of dogs which are way bigger than nature, are based on a artificial diet (kibbles or other). If kibbles where so bad, people would have stopped feeding them to serious working and show dogs. No-one would feed bad food to an expensive show dog, or military dog etc.

  15. Austin G

    I came across a video in my recommended vids on Youtube last week called the Majorca Mastiff.. I watched it and later that day I looked it up on Wikepidea and other resources.. has anyone else heard of it or know much about it?


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