Turning the Friggin Frogs Gay! – The Truth Behind Alex Jones’ Gay Frog Conspiracy Rant – Whang!


Alex Jones’ rant about turning the frogs gay is perhaps his most famous, most repeated freakouts. For some reason, I’ve been seeing this particular rant get posted and referenced a lot more recently.

I began to think about his gay frog rant so much that I started to wonder where the hell he got this idea from. It sounds completely ludicrous, yet he says it so casually and with so much certainly that it feels like he’s assuming that we all already know about the gay frogs.

I wound up looking into it, and as it turns out, although they’re not specifically “turning the frogs gay,” there are a couple of chemicals in the water that have been shown to have effects such as lowering frogs’ testosterone and turning male frogs into female frogs. One chemical is atrazine, a commonly used pesticide. The other is a chemical called ethinyl estradiol, which is a synthetic estrogen found in some birth control pills.

Although the research is clear that these chemicals are having negative effects on frog populations, there is much debate over what their presence in the environment means for humans.

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18 thoughts on “Turning the Friggin Frogs Gay! – The Truth Behind Alex Jones’ Gay Frog Conspiracy Rant – Whang!

  1. SpaceCowboyGetHype

    Weirdly enough, estrogen levels in water off the west coast as well as loads of other pharmaceutical products getting into water supplies has wiped out entire salmon fisheries. That, coupled with issues with wetland management and other pollutants has destroyed the fishery that once existed in San Francisco bay/Oakland. That, and strangely enough one of the reasons for the massive issue with frog die-offs in the US is chytrid fungus which was brought into the US by african clawed frogs, which were used for pregnancy testing. Submerge a female frog in urine that has progesterone floating around in it and if the frog changes, blammo, you're preggers. These little dudes got released after the dip stick method was invented, and they spread this horrendous fungus to amphibian colonies around the US and into central America. Its a huge issue right now.

  2. DOOMspeaks

    Justin…..your untwirled lefty side of your mustache literally distracted me the entire video…..I hereby volunteer to be your personal mustache twirler pre-filming…….

  3. Rocksie

    Alex Jones is controlled opposition. It's his job to act a fool to discourage us from looking further into the conspiracies he talks about. Good job on doing your own research and sharing with us!


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