If you are looking for good exercises to build a bigger butt, frog squats is a truly great one. These can be performed in several different ways, but in principle they are like ordinary squats with the exception of the position of your legs. When doing frog squats you keep your knees apart to form a V. This will put more strain on your butt compared to ordinary squats which puts more emphasis on your legs.

Frog squats for building a bigger butt is a good choice because they are easy to perform, can be done without any equipment, and most importantly, they are effective.

Certain ways of performing the frog squats are more difficult than others. I will show you three different ways of doing them. The easiest way to do them is probably to start out like you would when doing ordinary squats, the difference being the position of your legs and feet.

You stand upright, legs a little wider than your shoulders, your feet pointed slightly to the sides. You then lower yourself slowly until your thighs are parallel to the floor. It is important to avoid going any further as this can be harmful to your knees.

If this is too hard you can always stop and start going up before your legs are parallel to the floor. Rise slowly and stop before your knees are completely straight. This is to avoid putting strain on your knees and also to make the exercise more effective because when you leg is straight you are not working just resting. So do it slowly and gently and you should feel it in your butt and legs.

You can also do this exercise statically. Simply lower yourself into position and then stay there as long as you can. If it is difficult to keep the balance you can lean your back against a wall.

There are also other ways of performing the frog squat.

  • Lean forward and touch the floor with your hands, then slowly straighten your legs (stopping just before legs are straight) then lower your self again and repeat
  • The most difficult way to do the frog squat would be to do it like this: You squat down and you put your elbows inside of your thighs (resting the elbows against your legs) you put the palms of your hands together and then you slowly straighten your legs. This is very tough and truly great for your butt and legs.

Frog squats is a great butt building exercise. They are effective, easy to perform and they can be done anytime, anywhere, with no equipment needed. You can also adapt the exercise to your own physical ability by ascending before your legs reach the position where your thighs are parallel to the floor, thus making it easier to get back up.

This is one of many good butt building exercises. There are many more. Simply get started and you will soon have a bigger, sexier butt.


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