Spring 2018 update of the B/W Tegu line for my brothers who care for the haters: leap a frog

27 thoughts on “FOR MY TEGU BROTHERS ONLY!

  1. Joey Alpo

    I have a male purple from you. He was born in August ‘17. I figured 75% blue he would be small, boy was I wrong!! Lol! He’s less than 8 months and pushing 4ft. He’s great though. Tegus are awesome, and no one does it better than Underground!!

  2. IAMGiftbearer

    It's really interesting to see all the different colors and patterns Tegus come in.

    From what I've observed the haters only jump on you if you're successful, so you actually must be making it! They're just jealous.

  3. Pamela Schramke

    Seems so many reptile breeders are getting so much hate recently! I just don't understand it. If you don't like someone, the way they do things or their animals, why are you watching?! What's the point of giving views to someone you claim to despise and then taking the time to actually leave comments? What a waste of time! Go watch someone or something you ENJOY!


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