Recent video showing a “walking” fish has several experts stumped on its actual species identification.
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Video captured off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, shows a “walking” fish scampering on the seafloor. Fish experts, known as ichthyologists, agree that it’s a member of the genus Minous, more commonly known as stingfish. But what they don’t agree on is its species. The video shows the stingfish using its lowermost pectoral fins as “feet” to move about and probe the seafloor for food. This mystery creature could be a striped stingfish, a white goblin or possibly an undescribed species. Accurately identifying this aquatic pedestrian may not be possible by watching the video alone. The experts all agree that the best way to examine this fish is to hold the specimen in your hands.

Read “Watch a Strange ‘Walking Fish’ That Has Experts Stumped.”

This “Walking” Fish Has Scientists Stumped | National Geographic

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  2. what do you mean it has scientists stumped? it's clearly just in the process of evolution, something along the lines of evolving legs so that one day, it may walk on land.


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