Openers are coming!


With the 2018 Wisconsin and Minnesota openers coming up in a month, things are getting exciting! One must be prepared and have a plan. Using the right equipment paired for the species you fish for will have a huge impact. I am lucky enough to be able to fish both the Wisconsin and Minnesota openers.

Wisconsin’s opener is May 5th and if you want to go for trout it starts at 5 A.M. That is usually what I like to go for when I do the sconnie opener. My wife and I will stay at her folks house in Menomonie and I will wake up early and hit my favorite stream. I have done this for the past four or five years now and every time I am amazed by the beauty of trout. I’ll usually just go simple and use a clear bobber with a plain hook or small jig tipped with a piece of worm. I cast up stream and let the rod float down, I can see the trout swimming about waiting for passing bugs. I set the hook and it’s game on! I fight the fish to the landing spot with ultra light gear and a spinning reel (it makes the fight that much more challenging!). I measure and take a picture and if it’s to small I’ll throw it back. Wisconsin opener is my favorite time to catch trout and there is a lot of parks that are easy to access!

The Minnesota opener ( something that has alway and will always be special to me. It is always my birthday weekend and I live in Minnesota. Every year, from the time I can remember, my family and I have gone to Philps Mill. Philps is an old mill that still has the dam in the river and a pool a little further down stream. When I was younger the pool was the only place I was allowed to fish (for safety reasons of course). But once I was old enough I was able to venture up by the dam. There is where I got to really watch and learn how northern pike hunt and attack their pray. I would throw a Storm Wild Eye lure out into the rough water reel in until I could see the lure, than let it sit for a few seconds and boom! Pike on! Sometimes they would be on the smaller side but every now and again a big 7-10 lb. fish would hook up. Boy oh boy was that fun! After catching my limit (3 at the time, regulations are changing) I would walk back over to the pool where the rest of my family fished to ask ” Where’s your fish?” They would laugh and ask what I was using, try something like it and boom! They were hooked up!

Now I know what you’re thinking, ” don’t you need a boat to fish opener?” All I have to say is no! There are so many places I have been to both Wisconsin and Minnesota that all I do is fish from shore! All you need to do is have the right equipment, plan, and make sure you understand the water you are fishing! So make sure you do some research and have fun!

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