Most Popular Aquarium Freshwater Fish for Beginners


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I’ve made a quick guide here on the top six most popular aquarium fish of the freshwater habitat. Hopefully this can give some of you beginners a good guy on what fish you might be able to go out and buy. I also give some good fax on how to take care of the fish and some misconstrued information that is out there for a lot of beginners.

And remember this is my opinion on what I think the top and most popular freshwater aquarium fish. This is not including cichlids because I feel that’s a totally different group of aquarium owners. I’m a believer that intermediate fish aquarium owners turn to cichlids. I’m aimed at trying to touch base with all beginners looking at the beginning stages of fish aquariums here.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding these fish in the comments section or you can jump over to fish aquarium geeks forum.

So I’m actually considering getting rid of two of my tanks… My 120 has been giving me constant headaches for a long time, and has been changed completely a few times now, from the peacock cichlids that kept giving me aggression issues, then the community tank that didn’t make it, and now my new world cichlid setup that is once again constantly having aggression issues. And I don’t want to waste the time and money going in a different direction just to fail again. The more I think about it the more I lean towards getting rid of it. And my buddy who gave me the tank in the first place said he’ll take the whole setup off my hands. Which is fine by me. I haven’t invested too much money in it or anything, so I’ll just pay it forward and let him have it all.

And my betta tank… Lately I’ve been thinking since he’s in the bedroom hidden most of the time, I tend to forget about him on water change day and things like that, and I feel like he’s not getting the care and attention he deserves.

So that would leave me with two tanks. My 75 gallon saltwater tank, and my 90 gallon parrot tank. But I suppose with only two tanks I’ll be able to keep them in much better condition then the four I have now.

42 thoughts on “Most Popular Aquarium Freshwater Fish for Beginners

  1. Wernbread

    Is it ok to put 1-3 Amano Shrimp in a 10 gallon tank? And also which one should I buy Guppies or Platies sorry if I misspelled them and the. Is it ok for the shrimp and whichever fish to go good together in 10 gallons?

  2. Ethan Oczus

    I went to a river and got 2 crayfish stuck empire in a n aquarium and named empire bob and Susan they were actually really cool pets and trick leave a porch light on to attract bugs when they fall in the tank the Cray fish eat I had them for more than 3 months a whole summer than I had to let them go lesson is crayfish are cool

  3. Shine Playz

    thanks for the advice, i used to think betta fishes are lame and dangerous. But now u help me understand that they are good for begineers and they are really beautiful. I am going to buy one for my B day…..


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