Monster Oscar Fish Feeding in 180 Gallon Tank


Dave Palumbo feeds his 180 gallon Oscar fish tank. Check out how the male gold severum more than keeps up with the Albino Red Tiger, Albino Red Ruby, and Albino Long Fin Oscars.

27 thoughts on “Monster Oscar Fish Feeding in 180 Gallon Tank

  1. Vince Vengeance

    i am about to get my new oscar too. i feel so happy even before i buy them, thinking that these fish will be fantastic fish. i got a fiber tank outside its 8x4x3 tank. they said 30 gallon for each oscar, is it true?i love your fish they look amazing. hope to get some advice from u since u raise some nice looking oscar here.

  2. SlickChick

    Wow, one looks like a long fin O. The Chili red is my fav, but looks paler than the ones I see in pictures. Your fish are beautiful and healthy but you're less than 30 gallons per O with the Severum in there. What's your water change schedule? Do you find the long fins grow smaller overall? All the pics I see of long fin Os they have smaller bodies.


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