Hi fellas, so sorry I got combined up with the dates yesterday was working day thirteen (19/06) alternatively of working day twelve. These days was great. I experimented with to uncover this put wich was a cottage and herb farm, it said that it confirmed aged crafts and it had a renowned pink cow! (Tin one not actual) but I couldn’t uncover it. I went to were it looked like it was on the map, when I got to the put I checked on google maps, it was yet another three hour walk in land! It was nearly 11 and I did not want to walk when the sunshine was maximum in the sky (11,twelve,1) alternatively I walked back on the seaside. The sea was out so you could walk throughout the squidgy sand, I stumbled upon rock pools the place there were educational institutions of compact fish darting close to. There was one fish that looked like a toddler puffer fish but I’m not to sure. I also spoke to a male who was having up the sand by way of a metallic tube, it looked like a very long bicycle pump. He explained to my that he was acquiring bait for fishing, I simply cannot keep in mind the name but it looked like a compact wight, see by way of prawn with a whole lot of legs ,or they may of been pincers I’m not to sure. I went on with my walk and I noticed a group of pelicans, as opposed to the kinds in England there back feathers are black and they have seriously freaky eyes. If you can zoom in to the picture, you are going to see what I imply! 

 After I got back I decided that if I was likely be here for a thirty day period, I may as perfectly master how to sail. The sea isn’t choppy so folks don’t surf, but the sea is so carm it would be a very good put to master how to surf. Me and this female known as Hanne when to the regional boat club but they were closed. I known as and remaining a voicemail so I’ll see what they reply with but I can glance for over destinations to. Soon after that we observed a cheesecake store! It was awesome so numerous flavours, you could purchase a full cake, 50 % a cake or a quarter. We got a quarter, caramel flavour, mouth watering. We have a new person in the dorm volunteering, her name is Lori she’s from Canada and pretty. She arrived close to the same time as me and incredibly centered on acquiring perform. We are the only kinds in tonight as the other two are in rainbow seaside and likely to noosa tomorrow, it’s there days off. Me and Lori viewed the sunset tonight, it was awesome and clearer than the other nights lights the full sky. I consider I favor when there are clouds there mainly because they are dark against the pinkie, purple sky. It was even now gorgeous even though, my cellphone just does not capture it. 

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