FIXED Day 3 of the NEC Local Fish Club Auction and More!


Day 3 of the North East Council Convention! Local Fish Club Auction including Extra Fancy Guppy!

Check out my website to order fish:

If you have any questions or would like to buy any fish, please email me at

By MFR Apparel here:


**Products I use or have used in the Fish Room**
API Freshwater Master Test Kit

Tetra 6 in 1 Test Strips (I use these)

Tetra Ammonia Test Strips ( I use these)

Seachem Prime

Seachem Safe

Python Water Change System

Bacto Surge Sponge Filter

Cheap China Sponge

Lee’s Specimen Container

Prazi Pro

API General Cure

Ich X

Blue Airline Tubing

Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative
Commons Attribution license (

16 thoughts on “FIXED Day 3 of the NEC Local Fish Club Auction and More!

  1. Savanna The Aqua Llama

    It might sound odd, but I really appreciate you talking with the vendors and giving them a chance to engage the subscribers through the video. It easy to forget there's people, R&D and presence that go into the products we take for granted by just being able to buy them right off the shelf. I liked the SFBB guy, he seemed nervous but gave good info on what they're ACTUALLY working towards with their products. Still working through the backlog of your videos, and watched a few over again. The convention must have been so tiring, thanks for still filming and bringing us along! Keep up the great work!

  2. Ry Mac cichlids

    Great vid mike it was really nice meeting you and chatting fish for a few you should have seen how much the guppies were going for it was crazy I saw myself a few times walking around like a dumb ass lol take care bud


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