Fish Room Tour 🐟 Monster Cichlid Aquarium Fish Tank Room Tour


Fish Room Tour 🐟 Monster American Cichlid Aquarium Fish Tank | Monster Fish Room Tour 2016 | Monster Cichlid Aquarium Fish Tank Room Tour with Dave | Aquarium Fish Room Tour

Join us as we visit the fishroom of a monster fish keeper. This fish room tour features over 9 different monster fish tanks / aquariums. We are guided through this monster fish room tour of a true monster fish keeper. Dave shows off his amazing collection of gorgeous, huge South American cichlids and Central American cichlids. Featuring Thor the huge 17″+ male Jaguar Cichlid.This is a full South & Central American Cichlid stocked fish room tour from a fish keeper who really loves this hobby.

In our aquarium fish tank room tour 2016 you will see tons of huge monster fish tank aquariums. His stock includes several big Oscars, a monstrous male Jaguar Cichlid known as Thor, a female Festae, Midevil and Dovii, and more. He also shows us his prized male Tiger Mota.This monster fish room tour will not disappoint!

We talk about how to filter and maintain a large monster fish tank aquarium room specifically with big messy cichlids in mind. Dave shows and explains the equipment he uses.

Stay tuned to after the cichlid fish room tour to find out how to grow these monster cichlids. Dave shares some of the things he does to ensure his fish are kept to the best level of care. Learn how to grow monster aquarium fish of your own and how to care for these South and Central American Cichlids.

We always enjoy being able to go on a monster fish tank room tour. It is clear a lot of care goes into maintaining this aquarium fishroom and it was great getting to hear Dave’s strategies to running his successful aquariums. This aquarium fish room tour was filmed in 2016.

We would like to thank Dave for sharing his collection and advice with us. We hope you enjoy this monster aquarium room tour.

We always enjoy visiting new fishrooms. If you are within Ontario, Canada and would like us to do an aquarium fish tank room tour, get in contact with us 🙂


For more info and advice check out the Crazy Cichlid Keeper (CCK) Forum. Dave is a member. Look for the post Fish Room Tour 2016


Dave’s Monster Cichlid Stock List -some of what was featured in the fish room tour- Monster Fish Tank Stock
Amphilophus festae
Parachromis Dovii
Parachromis Motaguense
Parachromis managuense
Jack Dempsey Cichlid
Tiger Oscar Cichlids
Red Texas Cichlid
Midevil Cichlid


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42 thoughts on “Fish Room Tour 🐟 Monster Cichlid Aquarium Fish Tank Room Tour

  1. Dan Wills

    how big do jags get on average I've read 12 inch 18 inch and someone on here said 24 inch I've kept oscars and been in the hobby 25 years I've never seen a 2ft jaguar

  2. Sujith S

    Osum collection of fishes!! exactly of my favorite list! thanks for such an informative video from an experienced fish-keeper.. (y) Overall she's so pretty <3 LOL

  3. Hermann Blues

    The Jag looks gorgeous, imo he's the most aggressive one especially when the pair fry as i experienced my hand bled by those teeth:) n' they're easy to breed but often the male like to kill the female if they're not in harmony again lol but it's only from my experience. Great vid

  4. Rod Hurst

    Great little video, I found it interesting that you just love S&C American's but don't like African's that much (not meaning anything negative about it). Great advice on the Q & A , thanks.


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