Fish out of water- photo essay featuring a typical fishing day in coastal Kerala


Its a lazy Sunday morning by the beach in Trivandrum, Kerala. A steaming cup of fine coffee and a good book make for fine company as you watch the waves lash the shore and contemplate the vastness of time.


Bliss! Luxuries on offer if you live by the coast. 


20180103_093923Not many visitors around at this time of the day. A scatter of tourists making best use of the tropical sun.  



Fishing boats are sunbathing too, firmly anchored to the shore.



Don’t let looks deceive you. This lanky, humble catamaran may look ragged but can take on the roughest seas. 

But wait, not everyone is lazing about on Sunday- someone’s been working.


The local fishermen are loading their fishing nets.



Spools of fishing net, all curled up and now the men are raring to go. 




I look around and catch a curious sight- a trail of men tugging along a rope which goes out into the sea.




The rear end of the rope gets longer by the minute reminding me of mythological tales of Hanuman and his extendable, infinitely long tail.




An hour of tugging but the catch nowhere in sight. 




Success at last!




That’s quite a handful! The fishermen believe its a decent catch. 




Prospective buyers, middlemen and curious onlookers crowd around in anticipation. A noisy auction ensues as deals are struck.




They have no use for the jelly fish which are unceremoniously thrown out. 




Even the crows don’t seem interested.  Jellyfish end up as collateral damage.




Crabs and fish are finally packed in crates and sent out to the market.




Brisk business at the beachside just next to the airport. The best place to buy fresh fish. 




As the sun descends, the boats and nets are now put to rest, sheltered by mats made of woven coconut fronds.




Curtains down on what has been a good fishing day at the Kovalam beach. Will tomorrow be better?

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