FISH HOUSE TOUR of Solid Gold Aquatics


Its been 8 months since i visited Jennie, but a whole lot has changed! I did a quick tour and got an update on her new fish house she is working on!
My previous visit:
Jennie’s channel:

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19 thoughts on “FISH HOUSE TOUR of Solid Gold Aquatics

  1. The king of DIY

    Poor Jenny, both times i have been to visit I only gave her a day or 2 notice. "Hey, im in town, wanna collab?"….. Next time i'll give her more of a heads up!… I secretly wanted to put those tanks together with her, but was so short on time. Check out the last time i was there for a contrast on how far she has come!

  2. aj taylor

    Hi. My mollies keep dying on my and i dont know why. My water levels are good the same with the temp. The tank is well circulated. None of my other fish are sick they are thriving. I have guppies and neon tetras and two mini plecos. Can you please help. Are mollies just more prone to not do well. Can i replace them with goldfish?

  3. Adam CotterellFPV

    I had a male and female leopard gecko housed together . They were fine , aslong as you don't allow the male to get to over the top with the mating . I had a carrot tail x albino x sun female and a Murphy patternless male , they made some beautiful babies

  4. kk

    Joey is just a very nice person like normal Canadian people usually are. Let's respect the friendship here. I hope they will collab more in the future <3

  5. Emily Does everything

    My betta has fin rot got him so he most of got it at pet smart.he has white strings coming off of him and it is making his fins go away.he isn't swimming as much and also no longer will eat his food. His tank is clean. He had a filter. He has aquarium salt and water conditioner in his tank I am changing his water a little everyday to keep it clean do you have any tips I don't want gubbles(my betta) to die


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