Watch this video on how to catch guppy fish. Guppy fishing on the side of the road, using a 2L soft drink bottle. I hope you like it. Please, no bad comments as it is my first movie on Youtube. No guppys were harmed during this video. I couldn’t change the song so i’m sorry if you guys dislike it :-/ WOW!!! thanks for 100,000+ views guys 😮


  1. Did you use bread?  

    I have a precarious situation, where i need to move about 70 mosquito fish from my main pond to a new pond.. the problem is, they tend to hide in the plants, and it can be hard to catch all of them. I may try this when the new pond is ready lol.   sad part is, it will probably be 100 fish by the time the pond is ready lol.  

    These fish seriously have personality, are very curious, and show signs of intelligence if you watch them in a somewhat native-like environment (i.e. an outdoor pond with minimal human interaction).   We do not feed our fish. they eat whatever is in the pond, yet, they still greet us when we stand over the pond.  any time something new is introduced to the pond, they all check it out. they OBVIOUSLY have friends that they stay close to, they play, they get annoyed with each other,  seriously…. fish are smarter than people think. there have even been studies recently proving that fish have emotion.   

    with that said…… i'm not really a fish person, we just have the mosquito fish to help keep the mosquito population down… seems to work in my yard. lol I much prefer dogs… you can't pet a fish really…. they don't like it…


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