this is a 60 minutes audiovisual mixtape with dubstep bangers and hiphop accapellas.

Main mix and editing by Jah Fish, Additional scratches by DJ Hamma ( Spindle Crew / Johannesburg / South Africa)

This Video is a non commercial project. All videos have been ripped from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc …. Feel free to post a link to this video on facebook, myspace, etc and please link to my account here.

Do not use this video commercially in any way as it contains copyrighted music and video material by following artists:

MAIN MUSIC & CLIPS (Tracklisting):
(* means the original video has been used)

Pinch – airlock
+ Easy E – Hittin Switches

Benga & Skream – Amber
+ Busta Rhymes – Put your hands where i could see*

Rusko – Jahova
+ Bushbabees – Remember We*

Kulture – Steppin Outta Babylon

Mrk1 – Sensi Skank
+ Nas – it ain’t hard to tell*

Benga and Skream – Judgement
+ MOP & Heather B – my kinda nigga*

digital mystikz – mood dub
+ frankenstein – the projects

skream – afeks
+ royal flush – rotten apple

cotti – daylight robbery
+ evidence – mr. slow flow*

afterdark – slaughter chamber
+ mobb deep – shook ones part II*

benga – killerstep
+ funkdoobiest – dedicated*

benga – musicbox
+ krs one – ah yeah*

ed solo & skool of thought – sludge
+ audio two – top billin*

balaxx “chae style”
+ Masta Ace “Jeep Ass Nigguh”*

Wonder “Undertaker”
+ GZA “Labels”

benga, walsh and kromestar – panik room
+ erika badu – on and on*


Icet-T “Warning” album intro
Police car chase footage by MagnumStory
Footage from “MCs act like they don’t know” by KRS One
Footage from NWA documentary
Footage from “skillz” video by Gangstarr
Footage from “Murder Rap” video by Above The Law
“Brooklyn” videoclip by Thunderball Productions
Live-Footage from The Wailers & The I-THREE “Steppin Out Of Babylon”
Footage from the “Top Shottas” trailer
“Impala Orange Spy” footage from Revista Street Motors
Bitch Slap footage from WWF
“Color Wheel” by Pryere
Footage from “Black Compton Street Gangs” by nikkeijinproductions
Footage from the “Iced Down Medallions” video by Royal Flush and Noreaga
Footage from the “So I …” video by Frankenstein feat. Choclair
Turntable Footage “Goya” by Heimat
Footage from the KRS-One “HOT” video
Footage from the Marco Polo feat. Masta Ace “Nostalgia” video
Live footage from a MC Diamondog & Dj Werd Freestyle jam
Footage from the True School NYC Park Jam Series “Spanish Harlem Hop”
Footage from the RZA and GZA “Third World” video
Footage from “Manhattan Bound NYC Subway Train Ride” by WorldTravelerMan
Footage from Crooklyn Dodgers “Crooklyn” video
Various Das Efx video footage
Live footage from a DJ Babu demo show
Various footage from Arrested Development videos
Various labelpictures from Discogs
Various Pictures from Google Pics

creative commons licence: cc by-nc-nd

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