Firefighters of Montmirail (51) meet citizens with their calendar

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At the end of this year, the CSR de Montmirail firefighters will go door-to-door to meet the citizens and bring the long-awaited schedule.

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Lieutenant Nicolas Lefèvre accompanied by a recruit, the traditional door-to-door.
Lieutenant Nicolas Lefèvre accompanied by a recruit, the traditional door-to-door.

A year rich in events for the CSR of Montmirail who has not been idle. The annual meeting with the citizens of the Community of communes of Champagne Brie allows a replay of events that have punctuated the year.

A particularly busy year …

So, no less than 372 events are registered from January 1 to November 20, 2018.

For the month of June only, we can count 66 sorties to cope with floods who have damaged the region and that not counting the exits in the same month of June of the neighboring barracks come to help the soldiers of the montmiraillais fire.

Passing the door of Reinforced Rescue Center (CSR) of Montmirail, we face the emblem of this elite body with the sentence engraved in the arms of their bodies: Firefighters: Save or perish ! The words strike like a thunderbolt and leave no doubt about the degree of involvement and dedication of the men and women who arm this barracks.

Captain ordered Philippe Jerger assisted by lieutenants Didier Leg, Nicolas Lefèvre and Nicolas Hyonne, the six non-commissioned officers and 26 men of the rank as well as the five future incorporated make themselves available day and night in the missions as varied as varied: relief to the person, fires of forests, destruction of nests of hornets, floods, relief to the victims of traffic accidents, fires and many other missions leaving little respite to this unit welded.

Hardware at the forefront of modernity

Dream place for children, we enter the motorized center of the barracks to rediscover the many vehicles made available to the population for their protection and safeguarding their property.

The famous VSAV, easily recognizable as the firefighters ambulance is the rescue vehicle to the victims. Transport to emergency hospitals, but also rapid support, this vehicle is armed with three staff.

The 10,500-liter tank, also known as CCGC, is a major asset in rural areas that do not have a watercourse or an immediate water point. A vehicle dedicated to road rescue containing all equipment to safely and effectively remove victims trapped in their vehicle. An off-road tanker vehicle for forest fires or a vehicle for various interventions ranging from the clearance of the roadway following the fall of a tree or the transport of lost animals. Added to these some vehicles serving in other missions of our fire soldiers, the garage is full and can give the residents the feeling of security. Ready to go at any time these vehicles are armed with experienced men and women, trained and trained continuously.

They pass, you can come …

Once in the year, these brave people do not make an exit to rescue, but to come to meet the population and propose the traditional calendar. Privileged moment to talk, exchange, question on missions, they take their time to go door to door. If by chance you are absent when they pass, it is possible for you to come and meet them at the Rescue Center and to obtain the calendar directly by making your donation.

There are no small gifts. No price is fixed on the calendar. It is up to everyone to choose the amount they will give to thank the soldiers of the fire for their commitment to serve the common interest. Their gratitude will live up to their dedication.