Woman getting kicked by horse, Jukin Media Verified (Original)


Note the white horse with dark patch on his face in stall on left is agitated. She lets big white horse out at 7:48:11, he leaves barn and goes into pasture. She lets dark colored horse out at 7:48:30 but she turns the wrong way and goes further into the barn. White horse comes back in and they both go to far end of barn. Dark horse turns around away from white horse and goes into full gallop followed by white horse. White horse deliberately looks at woman, takes aim, and delivers an accurate side kick at about 7:48:44. Although the kick made contact, the woman was not hurt.

By the way, that’s not a whip, it’s a Savvy stick; quite different than a whip. It’s basically a stick with a string on the end used as a body language prop.

30 thoughts on “Woman getting kicked by horse, Jukin Media Verified (Original)

  1. Sonia

    You could tell it was going to be that white horse..he was just moving..and moving like anxious…you need to be alert at all times with these beautiful but strong creatures

  2. xoxTaniwolfxox2

    This was very predictable. Horses almost always are predictable. Number 1, the white horse was very anxious to get out. Number 2, the woman shouldn't let a horse that "excited" go out of the stall it's no different from letting a dog out of a crate the dog has to be calm and never rush out. Number 3 the horse didn't mean to kick her he was just excited, they buck like that at time when excited. Number 4, I don't like how she had a whip or w.e those are called, she didn't look so calm herself. The horse is a reflection of you!


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