Its cold and snowing, what we feed our horses and why they look big.


  1. A good ol' lesson for the kids out there, media is absolutely horrible.
    I absolutely love your family and attitudes to these subjects, very knowledgeable.
    I could only wish for my horse to keep on as much as yours can.! I'll have to look at the pellet you feed.. I don't think I've given the new pellet long enough to show.

  2. Just an overall comment I wanted to share with you. My twins, now 2 and a half year old love your videos because they love your horses. Thanks for posting and I hope you don't stop making your videos any time soon!

  3. Sometimes I think people don't know what fat looks like I have three bred minis and people come out all the time and say how fat they are and how there dying lol sometimes if there really set about it I won't even correct them its quet funny how uneducated some people can be

  4. I know understand about the grain thing I have 10 horses. If you don't alredy you should get some goldfish to put in the water trough so they can eat the algae and if it gets too cold put a water heater in the water trough I have goldfish in mind I have four of them because my water trough is really big.


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