The World’s Biggest Dogs the Size of a Horse


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The World’s Biggest Dogs the Size of a Horse. What do you think? To those haters. These dogs are real. They are the size of a horse.

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World’s biggest dogs names.
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42 thoughts on “The World’s Biggest Dogs the Size of a Horse

  1. trainergirl

    Sure, these are all giant breeds.  But a lot of the photos are photoshopped (some more obviously than others!) or the photos taken at an angle to make the person look smaller and the dog look bigger. I could make my two giant breed dogs look bigger than me, if I had the right camera angle. As for the Neopolitan Mastiff and the couple with the horse – that is SO photoshopped that it is totally stupid.

  2. rockernrena

    Such a bullshit video. Who the hell wants to see photoshopped pics in a video??? Do youtube a favor and take this down; whoever did this probably spends time he's not doing photoshop creating computer viruses.


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