Documented this for you all and hope you enjoy it! If you are squeamish at all don’t worry! There’s nothing gory or bloody about this video so no need to fret! Also I apologize for all of the ads, however this was a very expensive surgery and I have to make ends meet any way I can haha! Thanks for watching and be sure to tune in to part 2!


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  1. I’m about to start my YouTube channel and get my horse in spring I would love to collab sometime when I start. I live in Missouri as well! This is my class YouTube page but you can find my insta @astrophobics
    I watch your videos a lot and I’d love to know some tips and stuff with both horses and youtube

  2. This is honestly so exciting for me, because I’m gonna be a vet student in the very near future and watching all of the vet students and the surgery just makes me so excited! So glad Owen seems to be doing amazing ❤️❤️

  3. I need some pointers. Just curious how you afford all of this !?!. Do you work and have your own place? Or still stay with your parents and work? Or do your parents help out and pay alot for you? I have two horses ..and they stay on my parents farm. Board free but i have to pay for hay and feed, ferrier, etc… my parents dont help with no costs. But i moved out my parents house like 5 years ago. And wow. Trying to pay vehicle payment, insurance , rent, and all other bills plus keep up with my horses finances… it's ALOT and very difficult and like I said , I don't even pay board!!! And I work a 15. dollar an hour job. Which where i live is considered high paying for a job not requiring a college degree. But i see videos like yours all the time. Where its like everything seems to be a piece of cake. And I just can't figure how you other young people do what you do on your own…if that's even the case…but i dont want to just jump to assumptions either just thinking your parents or someone else is footing the bill… so enlighten me please!! Bc I'd really love to find a way to make things a but easier for myself.


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