I’m so happy to have this beautiful mare! She’s an 11 y/o Andalusian TB Cross, she’s not very big, she measured at about 15.3hh, she’s only about an inch taller than Link! She was a jumper but spent the last 4 years being a brood mare, she has had 4 foals which is why she still has a little baby belly! Once she’s back in shape she’ll be amazing! I’m super excited!


  1. Watching Raleigh lunge Moon is making me cringe. First of all, that mare has literally no muscle whatsoever and has done no work for the past 4 years so making her lunge on that tight of a circle is really stupid and ineffective. Secondly, your body language isn't good at all. When she trots you don't click or talk to her or anything so she doesn't know if she should continue trotting, you keep standing behind her shoulder where she can't see you very well and look like a complete beginner.
    Not even going to talk about her conformation.. it's not a good story.


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