*Flys into room* *lands*

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Greetings felines and humans! I have returned as randomly as I came! *throws feathers into the air*
Perhaps even more random…

He’s grown since I posted about rescuing him. ( Part One and Part Two )
(if you notice the white spots that is because he is black tabby Yes, I made that up. :3 ]

Anyway if you knew this blog when it was Whoo’s Writing, lots has happened since I last posted. My family got chickens, I joined a great writing community, and I made an alias, Catwing. *grins* 😺 (It is so much fun to use these catwing emojis)

Oh, and we moved.

In the first picture the one in back left is
Phoenix, in front of her is Comet,
then Liberty, Blossom, and Annabelle.

They are my mom’s egg laying pets. (NOT FOR MEAT PURPOSES AT ALL!!! THEY ARE PETS!!! WHY ELSE WOULD WE NAME THEM?!) 😸
So, Catwing can’t eat them. 😿
At least we can be friends. 😸

What else do I need to say…
Ahh! As Catwing I also randomly throw feathers, no bugs anymore. *grin*

And I have drawn some comics… Featuring Kay Waters (one of my characters) and Catwing (me!).

Catwing’s Blog  ©HeRose

*Grins* I like my initials. (Yes, I drew that, not some other person who has a Catwing comic and character named Kay Waters 😛 )

Finally I finished the first few drafts of Finding Secrets!
*eats cricket*

how to train your dragon angelic-leo GIF

*laughs* I dropped Firebird awhile to try NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It suggested I start with a new book, so I invented Finding Secrets (which has turned into a trilogy, I may explain about it later. May. :3 ), but now I have returned to Firebird and blogging! Unfortunately Firebird is being troublesome. *sighs*

I’m still figuring out some things for this blog, but this should be a good start. *hopes*

*announcer voice* Next time on Catwing Landing…
I will review/talk about I Can Only Imagine (per mom’s request. She is the one who took my family to see it. Thank you mom. 😀 )
It’s about the lead singer of Mercy Me, Bart Millard. And the song he wrote.
Here’s the trailer.


Do you like cats? What did you think of the Catwing comic?
Do you have a horse or take riding lessons (I like horses, I wish I had one :P)?
Have you succeeded in NaNoWriMo?
What do you think of my blog??? *grin*

That’s all for now!
May your thermals be many and may you avoid still air!
(Cause thermals are fun to ride
and still air is lots harder to fly in.)
*flys out through window*

how to train your dragon GIF

*screams* FLIGHT IS AMAZING!!!

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