DayBreaks for 4/05/18 – A Horse or a Foal?


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DayBreaks for 4/05/18: A Horse or a Foal?

From the DayBreaks archive, 1998:

The ancient Jewish rabbis used to say, “When the Messiah comes, if Israel is ready, He will come riding a white horse.  But if Israel is not ready, He will ride a foal.”  It should be no surprise to us that when Jesus appeared outside of the city of Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago, he wasn’t on a horse, but a foal.  Israel wasn’t ready, even though there were people who cheered for him as he approached, they either cheered because they were his close followers (who were few in number compared to the population of Jerusalem – especially during Passover) or because they misunderstood who he was and what his mission was.

His approach has been called the Triumphal Entry, but that name is really a misnomer.  How could it be considered Triumphal when he was weeping?  And they weren’t tears of joy.  Luke described the scene as Jesus reached the spot along the road where the terrain ascends and the first glimpse of the city appears.  When pilgrims made the journey for the feasts, they would usually reach this spot and sing songs of joyful praise.  Not Jesus.  He didn’t sing.  He wept. 

There are 2 Greek words for crying.  One of them is the word for tear and gives the picture of a teardrop running down the cheek.  That word is used to describe inward crying and it is used in the phrase “Jesus wept” in the story of Lazarus in John 11.  The other word refers to loud, noisy weeping, and that is the word Luke uses to describe Jesus’ crying over the city of Jerusalem as he approaches it for the final time.  He wasn’t shedding simple little tears – he was sobbing out loud without restraint over the rejection by the people of the One who could give them peace.

The above thoughts were gleaned from Michael Card’s book, “Emmanuel – Reflections on the Life of Christ”.  We need to think about these things and made application to our lives:

If Jesus were to come riding to your house today, would he come on a white horse (signifying you were ready for him), or a foal?  What is your heart condition?  Have you, in ways big or small, rejected the only One who can give you peace?

What does Jesus see when he looks at the panorama of your life?  Is he moved to tears of happiness because of your love and the expression he sees of obedience as a result of that love, or does he sob as a result of what he sees? 

PRAYER: Jesus, search our hearts and show us the effect our lives have on you. We don’t want to make you weep, we want to bring you joy! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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