Crazy IEA horse!


I’m the one on the chestnut! He decided he wanted to buck me off! 😮 it was really scary!

34 thoughts on “Crazy IEA horse!

  1. Caitlin O.

    I’m from EQD (the barn) and a horse named Socks loves to buck when you sit in your canter. I couldn’t really see if it was him but I was wondering if you knew and I refuse to ever ride him and he bucks so high

  2. Erica Sullivan

    I realize that you have never ridden him before (I do IEA to) but you seriously needed to sit back and gently half halt. He's a big horse, I see that. But that could have been easily stopped at the beginning. It's obvious that he was going a little fast but the whole part of that was to slow him down. Even if you break it's better than being out of control. I'm glad your okay!

  3. Melissa Ryan

    TBH all horses are weird for IEA.  My pony went to regionals and he bucked a girl off, refused a lot of jumps, and counterbended like the devil.  He never does that so it was weird.

  4. L0wk3y.sjb

    Great job keeping position! i do have to say ( and i know this video was forever ago ) I would use a little more leg, and a tighter rein (  just enough to keep contact on his mouth not hauling on his mouth ) he seemed like he was pushing through the bit.

  5. Maddie O'S

    I have been riding for 5 yrs and I am 10 but when I was riding my pony Zak If he goes to slow towards a jump I always flop onto his neck its gets kinda annoying but I keep him going fast but he was only broken in Feburary so I dont blame him for any of it and don't get me started how much times I fell of my other pony misty she always bucks bolts and kicks

  6. Jenni & Sammy

    THATS the scary part if IEA….you never know what could happen! Im sorry, i know how scary that was! But you didnt fall off and you kept control! Great job!! I would have fallen off…or screamed 😀 lol

  7. Jasmine Northbridge

    I feel like you should have gaven him a lot more leg and directions, and if he didnt want to just keep trying intill he did. You kinda let him do what he wanted :/ I understand that its not a horse you have ridden before but I mean that doesnt mean you should let the horse do what it wants, in any case thats what it looked like.

  8. Kayla.t

    So because the rider was too weak and incompetent to slow the horse down or turn it in a circle if it was "uncontrolable" and prevent the bucking that makes the horse crazy? Hah. Maybe if she slowed it down or did a circle when it started to speed up it wouldn't have realised it could have a bit of fun with her. Crazy IEA horse? More like bad IEA rider.

  9. fonjadidi

    It didn't buck you off?? It would have been good to ride him or her, when there are arguments between rider and horse you cannot let the horse win..
    Anyways it looks like she is a beginner rider she was probably scared and didn't want to be in that situation because it can be really scary for beginners.

  10. The Rαdioαctive Bαηαηα

    Something similar happened to me like that. Ok so the horse that I was riding is super extremely sensitive and write in the middle of the show she went into heat and she got a little excited and I was not ready for that so my calf mussels tensed up and then we were madly cantering around the ring. It was less extreme than what happened to you but similar but with out the the way you did a great job handling he or she.


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