The Balcony- Sorry Excuse for a Cafe


Various months ago, I discovered a new restaurant had opened up in the now incredibly well-known Shopping mall 1 area (which is overcrowded with a myriad of dining establishments now) called The Balcony. From the outside the house, the eatery looked magnificent, with diners sitting on the balcony.

However, when we finished up listed here previous evening, it was a selection we regretted poorly. Our first approach was to go to Bamboo Union, but the ready listing was fairly lengthy so we opted to go to a spot which has no ready listing, and The Balcony was unusually empty. We did issue as to why this would be the scenario? Is the food items terrible? Why aren’t there individuals listed here like there are other neighboring dining establishments. From better judgment, we still went in advance.

The inside of the eatery didn’t definitely do anything at all to entice the diners. We didn’t truly feel welcome, and the chilly greetings from the waiter wasn’t welcoming at all. Because the complete balcony was empty (this was at 9pm), we discovered a spot at the edge, overlooking the primary street under (terrible idea– the car targeted traffic, frequent honking didn’t permit us to have a standard dialogue!)

Anyhow, so the menu came and on the specials menu was Balcony’s Shakshuka, which when we attempted to order have been told that it is not obtainable as it is a breakfast product. We questioned as to why it is stated on the Specials and the two waiters just stood there dumbfounded. “Yes, sir, it shouldn’t be on the Specials menu.” We didn’t make an difficulty out of it and proceeded to order Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken with Honey Sauce and Herb Chicken.


Shakshuka isn’t obtainable for supper, and you will have to squint your eyes to read through the charges. Sigh. 


Because my friend who was dealing with me for supper was checking out from London, we bought caught up in our conversations around art, movies, culture, music, blogging to not let the outside the house noise trouble us (sure, we could have gone in, but they didn’t permit using tobacco inside!).

Initial up: Mozzarella Sticks. I strongly felt that The Balcony shares their chef with Eataly Ristorante, which is suitable all-around the corner, simply because they tasted accurately the exact same: not superior. I suggest, I have had better mozzarella sticks from Burger King in Dubai! The sticks tonight just didn’t do nicely with us for the cheese was not heat, not tacky and definitely not edible. It was obtaining trapped in my throat.


These looked and tasted the sticks at Eataly Ristorante– potentially they are sharing their chefs! 


So when we have been served the mozzarella sticks, the waiters didn’t trouble serving us plates and cutlery and so I wasn’t positive how they have been expecting us to consume the sticks. It was immediately after five minutes they a waiter was flagged down and reminded to serve the plates and cutlery as nicely.

My primary class, Chicken with Honey Sauce, was truthfully just about common. It was a breaded fillet hen with a enormous dollop of honey mustard sauce. The hen was edible but the sauce was mind-boggling. I had to remove a big portion of the sauce to sustain just the suitable quantity of sauce to go with the hen.

IMG_1598 (1)

My friend’s food, Herb Chicken was accurately like my hen, other than they set one more sauce with a sprint of herbs. His comment to me was: you know what, typically they set the herb inside the sauce to give it an even flavor, and what I see listed here is no herbs in the sauce, but just a sprinkling of herbs on leading. His hen food did seem unfortunate. Mine looked unfortunate too. Which is why we each remaining our meals.


By this time, we have been entirely prepared to leave. Our waiter, Rohail, who served us bought a handsome tip from us and we remaining him a great comment card. We didn’t want to fault the waiter at all, they have been just performing their job. However, we did want to fault the administration operating The Balcony. I am not positive who is examining the top quality of food items, or even the education of the waiters.

The Balcony is a sorry excuse for a restaurant and I am not positive if it will endure in the lengthy run.

[A food for two with drinks, 1 starter, and 2 primary classes price my friend Rs. 2911/-]

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