Journal Entry #75


March 26, 2018

Today, I woke up crabby because I was still sleepy and needed to go #2 but my tax lady lives 30 minutes away and it was nearly 1p already (our appointment was at 2p). We had to go to the library and print out boyfriend’s W2. He was able to get a new password from his manager.

We made it to her house 15 minutes early but she was able to take us in right away. She got both of our taxes done pretty quickly. Hopefully I can make what I owe before it’s due. 😛 Luckily, boyfriend is getting money back instead of having to pay in.

After we were done with our taxes, we came home to smoke, and I made our grocery list. We went grocery shopping, came home and smoked, then I hopped on WP and replied to some of your comments, then I got sidetracked by some snacks we just bought, lol. I bought this yellow lentil hummus and this green tomatillo salsa. I had to try ’em so I got up and opened them both up and they were both delish. I decided it’s time to write this post and boyfriend just started making dinner.

On Saturday, boyfriend had work in the evening. Our car is fine, I guess, except for the falling off bumper. We are trying to figure out a way to cut the bumper off until we can afford to get a new car.

For dinner, I walked to this new restaurant called La Bahia that opened up nearby and I ordered this yummy plate of chicken, rice and beans, a deep fried plantain, crispy plantain chips, and a cheese square (I didn’t eat it). The cashier didn’t speak English so we were both just pointing at things. I told her I wanted it “to-go” never that I wanted “two plates” but somehow, when it came out, it was 2 plates of the same thing and the price was double the price I was expecting. I just didn’t make a big deal out of it and saved it for boyfriend to eat when he came home.


I went Friday and Saturday night to work but for some reason, this weekend was not so good for me. I thought it was supposed to be extra busy all month for March Madness but I guess not. There wasn’t much customers compared to other weekends and I was drunk both nights so it’s also a bit of my fault. I could have worked harder. I think I might need to switch clubs to somewhere closer to the strip though? But, I can’t seem to find my business license. AH. I know it’s somewhere around here and we don’t have much clutter so if I actually dig into everything I’ll find it.

On Sunday, boyfriend had to work during the day. He locked his keys in the car so after he got off, he spent an hour prying his door open with his co-workers. When he finally got home at way past 6p but not quite 7p… I was ravenous. We decided to go to the Boulder Station Casino’s Feast Buffet.


The food was alright, mostly nasty and we’ll probably never go again but hey, it was really cheap and we were full afterwards and that’s all that matters.

When we came home from the buffet, I tried that Mint Chocolate Chip bath truffle I bought from the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.


I have never tried a bath truffle or anything like it before. When I threw it in the water, it fizzled a little but didn’t/wouldn’t disintegrate. The water turned a super light green. My Sushi was very curious, lol. He stayed in the bathroom with me the whole time I was in the bath, I think he was worried I would drown.


When I hopped in, I ended up picking up the truffle and smooshing it to bits. It turned into foam but that quickly went away. When I stepped out, I was very sticky and slimy. The chocolate sprinkles were all over me. I hated it!! I did like how my skin was super soft afterwards, though. I’d love to try similar bath products to see how they compare!! It was much more fun than a regular bath but not quite as fun as a bubble bath, lol.

The dinner smells so good!!! I can’t wait for it to be done.

I’ve been reading One Of Us Is Lying and watching Finding Carter on Hulu. I am very, very close to testing out all of the products in my Ipsy bag and Sephora bag. I might have an Unboxing & Review for you tomorrow. I hope I’ll have both ready before March is over at least. I can’t believe it’s already the 26th. Kill me now.

Have a good week, my loves! ❤


XO, Hunida

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