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I’m rather late to the party (one month late), but it’s not like MOS burger’s new menu item is receiving much attention. It is a tradition to order 2 burgers for a meal at MOS Burger for me, because to make a set (1 drink and a side) actually costs more than to order another burger. Making a set costs about SGD$4, and burgers costs about $3.5 or more depending what you order.

Dissecting the Burger:

MOS Burger’s Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger – SGD$4.25

One drop of mustard on the bottom bun
Some mayo on the top bun and lots of cabbage

There is also a very thin layer of curry sauce beneath the cabbage. With the exception of the curry, it looks pretty faithful to the advertisement.

Pardon the shitty photo

If I wasn’t told that this a Keema curry burger, I probably wouldn’t be as disappointed. The burger isn’t bad at all. In fact, I rather liked it. The buns are pillowy, the cabbage gives a really good texture and freshness, the chicken is moist and has a nice fried batter. The curry sauce gives sweetness, and surprisingly tastes good with the mayonnaise.

But as can be seen, the curry sauce given is in very little quantities. It tastes exactly like your packaged Japanese sweet curry, with a little spice. Where exactly is the Keema? Keema is a minced meat dish, and with Keema Curry I would expect minced meat to be in the curry.

swasthi’s lamb keema curry
Justonecookbook’s recipe

Clearly, nothing like actual Keema. Unless of course they mean that the chicken katsu is the minced meat. You’re better off ordering the Chicken Burger for S$3.45 when you’re basically paying S$0.80 extra for a thin layer of curry.

The texture of the minced chicken patty is actually really juicy and moist, although it is a bit lacking in the meaty texture. This makes me believe that it is not 100% minced chicken, as is common with many fast food meat. There’s probably other fillers inside, but what fillers I wouldn’t know. I’m not saying this as a bad thing by the way, because I think the chicken does taste good.

Rating for Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger:


lie down I would say it is nothing to be excited about. Just let me laze on the couch.


2 out of 5 It’s tastes pretty good, just that it didn’t really deliver what they advertised it as. Would rather spend on their other burgers.

MOS Burger’s MOS Burger Review

And while I’m at it, I might as well review their signature burger.


MOS Burger – S$3.55

Dissecting the Burger:

Just tomato, a tomato sauce and onions
Then a patty and nothing under


Not a bad burger for S$3.55. Slightly disappointed in the patty, as it is closer in texture to a meatball. There is, however a very balanced vegetable-meat ratio. The sauce is a tad tangy with a lot of sweetness, and fresh tomatoes and onion provide a lot of freshness to the burger. Definitely quite a healthy burger assuming they don’t use too much non whole food ingredients in their sauces and patty. If you like your burgers to be meaty, I would say this burger certainly isn’t for you. As a person who likes burgers with a good amount of vegetables, I would like this if it weren’t for the patty.

Rating for MOS Burger:


lie down Nothing to be excited about again.


3 out of 5 I got everything as promised and expected, but it did’nt really wow me. Decently priced.


But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

Mitsueki and GoodyFeed both posted that if you like Japanese curry you will probably like the Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger.

Lurking on Hardwarezone revealed that one more customer finds that there’s too little curry sauce. The rest of the thread ignores the main topic of the Curry katsu burger into praising MOS Burger’s different aspects, such as the milk tea and fries.

Guess I’m the only one who cares about the Keema part of the advertisement…

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