Chickens Now Eating More Vegetables Than Chicken Feed… #27 Chickens Day 90


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Chicken feed from the feed store is getting bought less each week the chickens are eating absolutely everything we grow excess in the garden, they love it… ———————————————-
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5 thoughts on “Chickens Now Eating More Vegetables Than Chicken Feed… #27 Chickens Day 90

  1. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    Actually that is what I'm buying for feed is cracked corn, oats, etc chicken grower from a local feed store it's all grown locally and it's actually processed at the feed mill less than 18 kms from us. Not much dust in the stuff actually.

    Not many living things like eating the same thing day in day out, variety is good and it really should make this batch of chickens taste even better, I know they'll be very lean meat.

  2. Pimp Baby

    They don't like the feed. I stopped buying laying mesh. It is basically powder and most of it ends up on the ground. Instead I buy cracked corn, oats, rice, and laying pellets… it's crumbs but with the calcium and such.
    Mix them all together and put it in the feeder. A bird will eat maybe a cup of food a day, less if they are able to forage for bugs and table scraps are available.
    Like people they like variety.


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