Week 2 ~ 52 Weeks of Uncovering Kindness ~ Area Gladstone Relatives


Welcome to week 2 ❤ I hope that you are even now as energized as I am about this very little task. This week, my own spouse and children went on an journey to meet our ‘kindness’ spouse and children and we’d like to take you with us! We packed up and headed more than to just one of ‘our’ local islands where by we caught up with this awesome spouse and children!

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This week was additional about bringing awareness to our ecosystem and what is occurring to it and how we, as a neighborhood can help stop some of this occurring. I don’t know about you, but I would like my daughter and the little ones of currently to be additional mindful of the spot we live. It is a wonderful city and it would be this kind of a disgrace not to hold it thoroughly clean. This very little gesture not only impacts our neighborhood but perhaps all more than the earth.

Rubbish, it is Everywhere you go but plastic is our greatest killer, our oceans are consuming additional and additional plastic each individual and daily. It addresses our shorelines, parks, gutters, drains, streets and perhaps even your own back again property. Gladstone is recognised as a ‘Harbour City’ and I am positive that we could make it even additional wonderful if we hold it thoroughly clean from garbage.

Meet up with Kaya, Carly, Leif, Layla, Jude and Django! DSC_9907

They have a household at South Stop and check out normally. A big element of their ‘time out’ going to the island is devoted to gathering the garbage that is so abundantly scattered in the course of the shorelines. These men (young children & doggy incorporated) are passionate about what is remaining on our shorelines and what washes up from out at sea. The garbage arrives from ‘us’ leaving it there, huge ships, recreational boats, or perhaps washing in from other areas. This astounding spouse and children test their toughest when feasible, to collect as substantially garbage as they can cram into whatsoever trailer or buckets they have at the time. They typically use their quad bicycle with a good trailer. (At this time they are sourcing some new tyres as these types have lastly supplied out).


Just seem at all the plastic pieces laying in just one very little place, likely all making its way into the ocean and our sea-existence.



17966142_10154709221328337_3201192176181033997_o copy

We put in 50 % a working day with this spouse and children and not only did it essentially shock me with the quantity of garbage that was laying on the beach, but bottle tops! There had been so quite a few lids and only 50 % the bottles, which will make you wonder… where by are all these bottles? Continue to in our ocean remaining ingested by our maritime existence, perhaps killing these animals or has the plastic damaged into more compact pieces and sooner or later turn out to be element of OUR food chain?

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When speaking to Carly, I could see how this has genuinely taken keep of her! Not only do they thoroughly clean up the garbage on South Stop but wherever they check out, like our local parks, Wild Cattle creek, Canoe level and Spinnaker. Its turn out to be 2nd nature to them, so when walking the doggy, using bikes and going on bush walks, hunting for garbage to clear away from our ecosystem is constantly on the radar.

Carly quoted this statement and it will make perfect sense ‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’ – Indigenous American proverb. All those phrases have stuck with her and this is the full explanation they commenced gathering garbage.

Carly ~ “The earth can not maintain by itself at the rate us individuals are destroying it. We want to instruct our little ones that just one individuals small motion has a ripple impact. If we as a spouse and children can collect garbage from our local shorelines and inspire other individuals to do so, then we are attaining what we established out to do! Amassing shells from shorelines is out-of-date – it is time to get started gathering garbage as an alternative. Occasionally there is so substantially garbage that it overwhelmes us. The young children get unhappy and say that we will hardly ever be able to collect it all – which it real. But we test our ideal. Lots of hands make light-weight work”.DSC_9874 copy

Kaya ~ “It is very aggravating discovering so substantially garbage washing up on our shorelines. It is essentially really therapeutic strolling together the beach and viewing what we can collect together the way, being aware of that we are serving to, I truly feel that its the minimum we can do”DSC_9945

Leif (six.5 years old) ~ “I commenced choosing up garbage due to the fact my Mummy does but I also viewed a motion picture known as The Plastic Ocean” If you’d like to see the inspiration for Leif’s kindness, you can watch a snippet here  (Note This impression is from Google photographs)APO_1Sheet_small

Layla (5 years old) ~ “I help decide on up the rubbish so it does not go into the ocean and eliminate the sea turtles” South Stop is had been our turtles nest.Turtles

Jude (three years old) ~ ” Right here Mum, I gots a piece of plaskit” (I shed rely on the quantity of situations Jude explained this).DSC_9877 copy

I know that this is a earth broad trouble but visualize if each individual time you visited our local beach or park, went for a wander or bicycle journey or mowed your footpath, you took the time to decide on up the garbage you see together the way?DSC_9888 copy

DSC_9916 copy

A HELL OF A Great deal!!! There are approx. 63,000 residents in our regional neighborhood. Picture that, if everyone picked up A single piece of garbage each individual working day. That is virtually a whopping 23 MILLION pieces off our streets, parks, shorelines and oceans in just one year. Just have a consider about it. ❤

So, I want to challenge ‘us’, the Gladstone neighborhood for this year. Pick a weekend for you and your spouse and children to head out to the ocean, a beach, park or street and collect as substantially garbage as you can and after you’re accomplished, send me a photo!!! Electronic mail me at lm.burston@yahoo.com with a image of your ‘collection’ and how excellent it felt serving to our ecosystem and our neighborhood and perhaps even remaining a element in making a earth broad ‘shift’! I know there are quite a few additional of you in our neighborhood that have currently been element of this ‘change’. I want to hear from you far too, I want to hear your tale!

If you cannot perhaps decide on up a piece of garbage each individual working day, then lets stop utilizing so substantially! There are other things that you could do to help reduce the trouble this kind of as:

  • Minimising the solitary use plastics in your existence, like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, gentle consume and water bottles and most food packaging.
  • Make investments in a excellent top quality water bottle that can be refilled as an alternative of paying for plastic water bottles.
  • Using enviro baggage (you know we all have hundreds stuffed in the back again of the cabinet) to the store to have your purchases in.
  • Packing your lunch in a reusable container, not takeaway plastics or clip-seal baggage.
  • ‘NUDE’ foods for university lunches as an alternative of cling wraps.

I am positive there are a whole lot additional very little things that can be accomplished but these are the types that have stood out to me. Even if we dedicate to just one of these modifications, then we have produced a difference! I have attached a few of interesting backlinks if anyone is even now studying and this has hit property about the long run of our upcoming generations.

#take3forthesea – Started out appropriate listed here in our state, an initiative system to thoroughly clean up our oceans.
Tangaroa Blue – Also an Australian initiative system with plenty of details.

A single additional to genuinely display you how close to property this is…  BLUE – filmed appropriate listed here in OUR oceans!

Under is what we achieved in 2 hrs, approx. three hundred meters of beach and eight sets of hands, 5 of which had been little ones less than the age of 9! Picture how substantially of an impact us 63,000 people would have if we function together!?

DSC_9924 copy

At the conclusion of the year in a ‘What have we achieved blog’ I will collate all of the photographs that I get and we can see for ourselves that “One piece genuinely does make a difference!!” Allows hold Gladstone thoroughly clean ❤

I want to thank these ‘Ocean thoroughly clean up angels’ for demonstrating us how substantially we can do as a neighborhood to make our town a cleaner spot and demonstrating us the potential effects our very little bit of kindness will have in other places. Be element of the modify! Be element of the ‘ripple’ ❤



 ~Gill – Nemo, 2003~


A great deal Enjoy
Lisa ❤





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