*WARNING* Protecting Myself From UNLEASHED Dogs, Off Leash Dog Encounter FIX


paypal.me/kzeproduction . Off Leash Dogs Have Become A HUGE Problem For Both Me and My Siberian Husky. If Something Is Damaging You OR Your Property You Are In the Legal Right To Protect Yourself. Always Do Research On Whats Legal To Everyday Carry. Knives Are A Great Utility Tools As Well As Offer Extra Protection. GO AHEAD AND DONATE TO MY PAYPAL SO THIS CHANNEL CAN IMPROVE ITS CONTENT !! paypal.me/kzeproduction

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Why Are Kryptos Paws Red?

Watch Krypto Ride In My Nissan 350z


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My channel is for educational purposes only, I feature dog behavior if you can’t handle that DON’T WATCH. Just like dogparks. Enter at your own risk.

40 thoughts on “*WARNING* Protecting Myself From UNLEASHED Dogs, Off Leash Dog Encounter FIX

  1. DsL Nexxus

    Its so funny that people are getting mad that he said Krypto is his property like wtf Krypto is his property! BTW love the vids and keep up the great work!

  2. Jessica Hammage

    To me, this looks like a park. People unleash their dogs at a park. Just because there's no leash, doesn't mean there's no control. I can recall my dog back when they're running towards eg. another dog, instantly. If a dog approaches my dog on-leash, I get a treat out and ask my dog to lie down or sit, so that the other dog gets ignored and loses interest. If I didn't want my dog to be approached, I wouldn't walk in parks, I would walk on quiet streets where all dogs are leashed. Alternatively, there a busier parks/ones for humans, where dogs have to be kept on leash. Don't use a knife to injure someone's pet, get pepper spray or pet corrector (it's compressed air and stops dogs even AFTER a fight has begun-there's a lot of youtube training videos of it being used on aggressive dogs – obviously they aren't trying to push the dogs to their limits, but it's a back up to quickly stop unwanted behavior, so they can move away from the situation)

  3. Mojito Dragon

    You’d definitely hate our neighborhood then. Loose dog central, majority of the time people just let their dog off leash then it’s like they forget the dog even exists. They’ve even driven off all night and just left their dogs still wandering in the road. (Ain’t my job to catch your dog so the poor thing doesn’t get run over while your out.) Fools only ever react when you touch their dogs. Leash their dog for them? It’s like you kicked their child. Separate their dog from a fight? The way they act, you’d think someone just threatened to burn down their house…

  4. marcos

    I walk my dog of leash cause I know he isn't dominant, agresive and I am allways careful. If this isn't the case u shouldn't walk u're dogs ofleash, or do it only in a controlled environment

  5. xXChakra2o9Xx

    I'm sure my dog would defend me until death, I wouldn't let that happen though. I'm trying hard to find a new place to rent that will accept my dog, Striker a 2 year old lab/pit mix. Cheers to loyalty of dogs and their owners.

  6. Muddy Pawz

    My dog avoids other dogs and wouldn’t come near krypto and if she did approach him and he attacked her she wouldn’t defend herself she would back off. She is a white german shepherd and she listens to me very well and if i say come to me she will. I can trust her. I walk her off leash and she will not go on the road until I say she can cross over. When I tell her to sit she will sit down where she is. Shes so good


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