Neighbor Said He Will Shoot This Stray Dog By Drug House If Not Rescued! Ep 1 The Street Dog Report


WA2S Films’ Detroit Dog Saviors team received a call from a woman on Beaverland Street in Detroit who told us that stray dogs were roaming on her street and a neighbor was going to shoot them. We have hope for paws for this ongoing situation.


The WA2S Team was in the area within 60 minutes to attempt to understand what was taking place. Subsequently 2 calls were made to Detroit Animal Care and Control regarding the situation. This video report constitutes the 3rd attempt – an “open call” to bring Detroit Animal Care and Control into the scene and initiate an investigation.

Larry & Jenny Barnes of Their Last Resort rescue came onto the scene to provide support and assist in caring for the dogs as the process to involve DACC into an investigation phase moved ahead. you can find Jenny and Larry Barnes here:

As of Friday morning June 16, 2017 at 8:00 AM everything documented in this video is still taking place. The WA2S Films team shot new footage to verify the situation.

After a records search, it has been determined the dogs being kept on the property at: 15925 Beaverland, Detroit, MI is a foreclosed home that no one lives in and is owned by a bank.

The Street Dog Report is a new series – not a rescue series – from WA2S Films. Our aim is to provide a window into the world many dogs live in all across the world.

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24 thoughts on “Neighbor Said He Will Shoot This Stray Dog By Drug House If Not Rescued! Ep 1 The Street Dog Report

  1. Sapphire Otaku

    He wasn't bareing his teeth, he was "smiling", it's an appeasment signal, saying he's friendly and submissive, the literal opposite of aggressive. I know a dog who smiles at everyone, he's the sweetest thing, always cuddled with their disabled child and played with their 8 kids in the yard.. 🙂 Wolves do it frequently as well, they were clearly very friendly.

    Owners like this are the reason pits have a bad name. Irresponsible and cruel.

  2. BeadDecadent

    The black dog was not "baring his fangs" at you. That's a "smile". When they show their teeth in aggression they pull the corners of their mouth back tight and show all their teeth. Look at his tail, his body language. I don't think he was trying to be aggressive. But I don't blame you for being cautious. I would too. Hope you're able to help them all!

  3. Absolutely FATabulous!

    In the small country town where I live there's a zero tolerance for stray dogs or dogs off the leash. In the past it wasn't unusual for stray or unleashed dogs to go after people's animals on their property, destroying property or harassing townsfolk. Eventually it just became an unwritten law that pet owners kept their animals on their property and under control in the town or there was a good chance it'd be put down when it's running loose. Personally I think it's sad for the animal to have to pay for its owners stupidity, but it's kept the town safe of stray or unattended dogs.

  4. amanja deshanti

    Blame everyone that lives on the block, for allowing this atrocity to go on. Blame every parent who have children, and allow their children to be subjected to a drug environment. The people in the community are "cowards" to allow this to go on.

  5. starburstppl

    Why do people want dogs if they just chain them up and forget about them? It makes absolutely no sense!!! No shelter, too hot or too cold, no water, no food, and most of all no attention. It's very sad.

  6. starburstppl

    That first black dog was not being aggressive. He was being submissive, and happy to see someone finally pay attention to him. You guys are doing a great job, and I understand your concern. Dogs should always be on a leash when you take them for a walk, or should be kept inside. Also, thanks for being so nice to the pups!! You all have very dangerous jobs, so please be careful.

  7. leicestergirl63

    Those residents seem to spend far more on their cars and themselves than maintaining their homes to a normal, decent, habitable standard and to looking after their animals properly. Shame on them. I feel so sorry for those poor dogs and I hope they'll be rescued.

  8. Gerardine Cizmar

    Omg. That woman was a total btch. She probably needs her kids checked by CPS because she didn't seem stable. As for her dogs, I feel bad for them. Doesn't the btch realize she's endangering them by letting them go out unsupervised. Makes me sick.
    As for the other dogs left in the heat, especially the one tethered, they should be taken away from the low lives keeping them. Just not giving them water is evil and if their owners are in fact dealers, I hope they get jailed.
    Bless the rescuers for their work in these dangerous situations.

  9. ARES Rodriguez

    OK why shoot the dogs… shoot the idiots that got rid of them!! Poor animals they have to pay the price for idiot stupid humans!!! Sad so sad! Why not complain to the city and force them to make stronger laws about not fixing their dogs, about dumping their dogs if we want the problem solved then get the city to help!! not shoot the dogs!!!


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