Danny and Genette Fuller, located in San Diego, CA. In the early 1990’s we lost our much loved Bloodhound Ruby. Looking for another dog to fill the emptiness after Ruby’s loss, our very young son indicated that he wanted to become involved in junior showmanship. More specifically, he wanted a giant dog. So began our quest. We researched quite a few breeds and visited with many different breeders. One weekend we happened upon a rare breed dog show that was being held in a small park close to our home. A large group of Leonbergers was sitting close to one of the rings. The owners were just as friendly and outgoing as their strikingly beautiful dogs. Danny got down on his hands and knees to get a closer look into the face of a very young dog named Kai. Kai playfully bopped Danny on top of the head with his giant paw. We were smitten. Two months later we brought home Dave, our first Leonberger.

– Genette Fuller
Cu Leone Leonbergers


  1. Could they be an apartment dog if they got enough exercise and the apartment was dog proofed? How long do you think the life expectancy is on a raw diet? Are they good hiking companions, and at what temperatures? thanks

  2. Living with a Bernese Mountain Dog please 🙂 If you have the opportunity. I love your videos, it is like christmas time when you post, wish you the best! 🙂

  3. Do Sarplaninac/Illyrian shephard dog. They're a very ancient breed from my country Albania. Thought to be direct descendants of the original Molosser dog of Ancient Greece.

  4. Fascinated with this breed!! They are hard to find in one's area, which is slightly disconcerting because the gene pool must be small. I wonder, with the advances in science and genetics, if they will eventually be able to find out the different breeds associated with the origins of dogs like the leonberger. That way in the future, we can keep breeds like this going by starting over without having to resort to line breeding – or basically inbreeding, lol.

  5. Please!! Do Greyhounds next, there's not many good videos on greyhounds only whippets or Italian greyhounds. I'm thinking of getting a greyhound but I need to know more on what to expect when their a puppy and up to adulthood please!!!


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