Funny dog videos of funny dogs who don’t want to take a bath or dogs and puppies who hate baths. Try not to laugh challenge – try not to laugh or grin while watching this. Fun and laughter guaranteed! So enjoy!

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  1. me : come on Blake (the dog ). i need to shower you .

    Blake : what type of shower ?

    me : a one that makes you clean and fresh and sometimes you complain its cold

    Blake : but i only want mud showers

    me : that aint happening

    Blake : * goes out the door *

    me : wait Blake come back! what ever you do dont get lost

    Blake : ill try

  2. Aww poor things. Some of them look afraid. We have one who hates water too. Acts like some of these pups. Trick is, is to do it quickly. Don't draw out the fact they have to take a bath and keep the water away from their heads. Use a wet towel for the head. Cute doggies tho.

  3. To solve this issue, I purchased a harness (rather than a caller) and I would forcibly walk (not strangle) them in to the bathroom. I would also provided a stepping stool to made it easier for them to get into the bathtub. And MOST IMPORTANTLY of all, I would provide a super yummy treat as a reward, afterwards. It became almost a game afterwards… Just saying.


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