Dog Meets Baby For the First Time | This dog has the sweetest reaction when his newborn baby sister comes home from the hospital 🐶💕👶

Credit: Daniel Drzewiecki via Jukin Video (

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  1. I don't hate it but how do we know if the dog likes the baby from this video? To me it seemed like he was happy to see the owners after not seeing them for a while, sniffed the newborn and was trying to get in between the newborn and the owner in the last part. I saw a jealous lion doing that, sticking her body between the other lion and the lion whisperer guy.

  2. Nothing more beautiful that a child n animal bond. My grandson, who lives with us, bonded with one of my cats kittens. They have grown together and love each other dearly. The cat "Rozco" let's him do ANYTHING to him and has never harmed him once.

  3. This is why we've gotta try to stop the Yulin Festival in China taking place in June every year where dogs and cats are tortured (boiled alive) and eaten. Petition the Chinese government on if you care.


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