Dog Mating – Why Do Dogs ‘Tie’


Commonly what happens after mating is the male will twist around so that the two animals are facing in opposite directions.  They will be tied together.  They may be whining as if they are in distress.  Don’t be alarmed the animals are going through the mating process in the natural way.  If you try to separate them it may cause them injury.  Be patient and keep the dogs calm.  They will separate after about twenty to thirty minutes.

Because of the way dogs mate it is almost impossible for the bitch not to be impregnated.  When the dog mounts the bitch the penis is not erect.  The reason that penetration is possible is due to a tiny bone in the penis.  This bone is known as the baculum.  It is the baculum that keeps the penis rigid.  At the base of the penis is tissue.  Blood enters the tissue and it becomes swollen.  Essentially the penis becomes trapped inside the female dog.  This is when the tie happens.  The two dogs remain tied until ejaculation has ceased and the swollen tissue shrinks back to its normal state.

If you have never witnessed two dogs mating you can rest assured that this is quite normal.  In fact, if the tie did not occur you should be concerned.  The tie is simply nature’s way of ensuring the sperm enters and stays in the vagina.  Nature doesn’t leave anything to chance and gives the female the best chance to become impregnated.  There is another reason for the tie taking place.  A bitch in season will very often attract more than male.  It is not uncommon for a bitch to have a number of dogs around her.  The tie makes sure the process of mating is not stopped by other males trying to mate with a bitch in season.

It’s very important the dogs are left to separate without intervention.  If they panic and try to rip apart they probably will be hurt.  There is more chance of a dog becoming distressed during the tie period if it is a first mating experience.  The best you can do is to sit with the dog speaking in a calm low voice so that the animal remains passive and calms down as quickly as possible.

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